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April Favorites!

April Favorites!

Here they are, some of my favorite products for the month of April! These are the things that I reached for time and time again {despite the fact of having many other things to choose from as well}. Trust me, it's hard to make this list, so these goodies are definitely worth looking into!

NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo Orgasm/ Laguna Mini ($24) - {I bought it at Sephora}This is my first ever NARS purchase and it is the perfect intro to the beauty brand. Both shades are perfect for brown girls {and most other complexions from what I've heard/seen} and I love the bit of shimmer they both have. Just based off of these, I WILL be making more NARS purchases in the future {I've got my eyes on quite a few of the lip products}!

Burt's Bees Ultra Moisturizing Lip Treatment (similar here)- {sent to me for the purpose of review} I'm not gonna bore y'all by talking about how much I love lip balms {again}, but they are among the products that I hoard. Because of the abundance of balms I have on deck, if I reach for one for longer than a week, that pretty much means it's something special. The one that I've been using is in a squeeze tube and is a bit on the pricey side at $5 {especially looking at other reviews that state that the amount of product in the packaging is less than desired}. However this is mega moisturizing-made with replenishing Kokum Butter-and is great for an overnight lip balm  because it stays on and really makes your lips feel better by the time you wake. The version linked here is the traditional balm, has a similar formula, and is a bit cheaper ($4).

MILANI Ultra Fine Liquid Eye Liner (in Sparkling Turquoise)- {I bought it at CVS} I'm OBSESSED with this eye liner! The applicator makes it super easy to get the perfect line, the liner dries fast, and it's so sparkly and pretty! When I want to look like I put in some effort {but don't really have the time to}, I swipe a line of this above my mandatory black winged liner, and it always looks fabulous {even my hubby notices how great a looks}. I learned the hard way that you do need to use a base underneath-not because it smears, but because it may stain your lid without it. I still love it though!

MILANI Liquid Eye Liquid-Like Eye Liner Pencil (in Black)- {I bought it at Walgreens} This is one of the ONLY black eye liner pencils that I can use just like a liquid eye liner. It's creamy, super opaque, and blacker that black. Plus it stays put! At $7, it is one of the best drugstore makeup buys around. I can officially call this a Holy Grail item for me!

 White Sands The Cure 24/7 ($29.99)- {Sent to me for the purpose of review} I've been wearing my hair straight lately and that makes split ends so much more apparent. The Cure 24/7 is able to mend the cuticle through a new scientific process called "Cellular Bridging". This innovative process stimulates hair cell renewal with Micro-gels so tiny they instantly fill cuticle cracks, leaving each strand smooth and repaired up to 7 days! This leave in treatment effortlessly mends split ends, repairs damaged hair fibers, restores internal moisture, while making tresses stronger, smoother, and shinier. I've noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my ends after using this after washing (and before straightening) in just 3 uses!

Evolve ($7.50 for a 4 pack) – {Sent to me for the purpose of review} Evolve is a protein shake by Muscle Milk made specifically for busy women on-the-go {and isn't that every woman really?}. It's amazing-12 g of protein, 110 calories, naturally flavored and is the first protein shake to include Tonalin CLA which is proven to reduce body fat. It's delicious and convenient, and did I mention delicious? It's the perfect snack, or mid day pick me up.

Orico London Rush Hour Dry Body ($40)- {Sent to me for the purpose of review} Oils are another one of my true obsessions {there are two of them featured this month} and this is by far one of the best body oils I've ever come across! It has a light and delightful citrusy scent and absorbs oh so quickly into your skin. It was the only moisturizer I brought with me on my mini vacation with the hubby last weekend, because I knew that it would leave me soft and smooth but not greasy or sticky. This rapidly absorbed, ultra-nourishing organic body oil restores and revitalizes skin to its radiant and glowing best. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, Rosehip oil, Macadamia oil and cell regenerating Baobab oil, Rush Hour Vibrant Dry Body Oil is perfect for anyone in need of moisture in a rush. 

AG Hair Cosmetics The Oil Extra Virgin Argan Miracle Soothing Oil ($18) - {Sent to me c/o Cut & Blow} I've been on the argan oil bandwagon for a while now and I see no signs of getting off any time soon. The Oil's miracle formula is infused with organic, extra virgin argan oil to give you silky smooth, touchable hair that lasts for days. It has a beautiful {light} scent and though it's effective enough that you don't need to use it every day, you can without it weighing down your hair. It's one of the few products that works in my hair just as well when it's straight as it does when it's curly. I LOVE IT!!!!

Dream Water Natural Sleep Aid and Relaxation Shot ($25.45 for 6 pk of 2.5 oz bottles) - {Sent to me for the purpose of review} I'm not gonna lie-I jumped at the offer to review this product because I've had sleep problems for as long as I can remember {and being a mother has not made those issues any better}. I can fall asleep okay {eventually}, it's staying asleep that I have a problem with. I got to sample the Snoozeberry flavor- a mix of pomegranate and blueberries that are combined to bring you a refreshing way to fall asleep. Dream Water uses only all natural ingredients and flavors to help you relax and get the restful sleep you deserve, including Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) (to help you relax and reduce anxiety), melatonin (to induce sleep), and 5-HTP (to promote sleep and relaxation). I WILL be repurchasing Dream Water-I fall asleep much quicker and sleep through the night {as long as I'm not interrupted by someone} when I drink one. 

So those are my faves for the month of April-what are yours? Leave a comment below and let me know what you've been loving lately! Until next time...

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