Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Fashion and Beauty feat. Jergens Natural Glow (Sponsored Post)

Spring Fashion and Beauty feat. Jergens Natural Glow!

I'm not gonna lie- I sort of hate the winter! I am so happy that Spring has sprung (though I realize it is still being a bit temperamental in some areas). One of the first things that I do when the season changes, is switch out the clothes in my closet: I bid my winter wardrobe a bon voyage and heartily welcome the lighter fare of my spring/summer clothes. Two of my absolute favorite pieces in my Spring wardrobe are maxi dresses/skirts and sandals! I also love the bright colors that tend to trend in the warmer weather seasons, so I've highlighted all of those things in my ideal spring outfit set above!

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  1. LOVE this look!

    I have heard such incredible things about Jergens Natural Glow - I may need to give it a try this year {I'm pale as a ghost}. :P


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