Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let There Be Light-James Bond Style!

As bright as it is sleek and beautiful, there is only one word that describes the Eon Classic flashlight right out of the box…blinding (literally)! Honestly, at first glance, I thought that the Eon Classic was going to be a lightweight contender. My first thought was “sure it’s pretty, but how can anything so small be effective?”

Well take my word for it, size doesn’t matter, at least when it comes to flashlights. Other than the actual product weight (28 grams), there is nothing lightweight about the Eon Classic at all. Once again, the Iain Sinclair brand adds another winner in a long lineage of revolutionary products that are reminiscent of Sean Connery’s first visit to Q. Sure it’s not as powerful as 007’s Omega watch complete with its own laser, but nonetheless, they manage to supercharge the Eon, giving it enough punch to leave comparably sized and some larger, bulkier flashlights wanting. Shining brightly and illuminating the room (with lights turned off), the twin 3mm Nichia super bright white LED lights manage to produce 22 lumens of light that are extremely efficient and capable, in fact, take my word for it, don’t look at the lights. I’m still seeing stars.

Like most Iain Sinclair products, the Eon Classic is a guaranteed attention getter, giving way to immediate conversation as I removed it from my wallet, and it’s no surprise that among its most praised attributes by onlookers are its brightness and size. Coupled with a battery life of over five years, the Eon Classic is a heavy weight contender, seemingly trumped only by its big brother, the Eon Extreme, which boasts possessing the highest power to weight ratio of any flashlight in the world. Although we haven’t tested one yet (hint hint), we have come to know the Iain Sinclair brand, and if all remains consistent, future products are sure to impress.

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