Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bath and Body Works' Paris Nights AKA: Today's Smell Good!

Y'all know I love fragrance! I'm constantly using something different because so many different things smell so good to me and I tend to choose scents according to my mood (and I just realized that I'm using this series as an impetus to go through my abundant stash of Bath and Body Works products).

I selected Paris Nights from Bath and Body Works for my first at-home spa night of the year. The hubby is super sensitive to smells (the wrong fragrance gives him an instant headache), so I had him smell this before I used it to make sure it was okay with his senses! It received his coveted stamp of approval (my beloved Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream did not fair as well, nor did the Snowed In 3-Wick Candle featured above) and obviously I love it too! And of course, I have a well established affinity towards goodies stamped with the name "Paris," so of course I adore this luxe set (and how I wish I had scooped up the gorgeous sparkly body mist while I had the chance)! 

Paris Nights Shimmer Mist (photo via Bath and Body Works)

Anyway, BBW describes the scent as "a seductive blend of French jasmine, clementine and cabernet musk reminiscent of a breathtaking night in the City of Lights ." I think the fragrance is sophisticated, sexy, and feminine. The notes of French jasmine and cabernet musk make it warm and sensual, but the clementine brightens it up enough for it to not be too heavy. Especially knowing that this has my hubby's thumbs up, I will definitely reach for this when prepping for a rare date night with him.

Have you tried Paris Nights yet? Right now, you can get it for half off ($5.50 for the lotion and shower gel each) during the Semi Annual Sale! What's your favorite BBW scent? What's your go to date night fragrance? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...


  1. I am super sensitive to scents myself (though I never used to be...weird.) I adore Philosophy Amazing Grace and Pure Grace as of now, but used to love BABW's Coconut Lime Verbena. Yum!

  2. I actually gave these away as christmas gifts this year. The scent is great

  3. This scent is too strong for me, so I only wear it when I go out to the city. Nice review, by the way!

    1. This is definitely not a fragrance I pull out foe everyday wear! I reserve it special nights out or if I'm in a certain mood. The fact that it is limited edition helps to encourage me to not use it as much, but I do find the scent to be utterly delightful!

  4. Its been 3 years of searching for paris nights shimmer perfume. I hope it will be available soonest.. Plsss i really really really love this scents.. Hope it would be available. Thank you


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