Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Subscription That Can Help You With Your Healthy Resolutions! AKA: New Year, New You with Bulu Box

Welcome to my "New Year, New You" series, where we will share, discuss, and review topics, products, etc. that can help you be the best you!   

Nearly half of all American are on at least one supplement, so it makes sense that the next wave of subscription services would include supplements.

Bulu Box is a unique gift for any fitness minded person that will be delivered directly to their front door every month. It is the first monthly subscription filled with healthy vitamin and supplement samples. Bulu Box has done the work for you and selected only the most recognized and tested brands to include in their box. Now, there’s a way for us to test products and see how well they work on our bodies before spending hundreds of dollars on the full sized bottles. Bulu Box is changing how we purchase supplements. 

Not only is it a great purchase for yourself (especially at $10 a month), Bulu Box can make a great gift for your loved ones who are health and fitness minded or who are just beginning their journey to a more fit lifestyle. You will be able to discover new products and hopefully find one (or more) that can help make your life and fitness journey a little better and easier.

Here's a peak into the Bulu Box I received: 

FRS Healthy Energy Chews in Pineapple Mango (Full size MSRP $19.49)- Formulated with quercetin, a powerful, all-natural antioxidant found in foods such as red apples, these soft chews satisfy your sweet tooth and provide sustained energy when used daily. (I received a very generous, full size bag. I'm hoping that this may serve as a suitable replacement for the Skittles, Starbursts, and gummy worms that I often crave.) 

Almaseed (Full size MSRP $37.95) - A blend of only honey, soy and yogurt, for a formula so safe that even people with diabetes can use it. Almaseed nourishes the body as it stimulates healthy, long term weight loss. (I've been looking for a powder to use in a breakfast smoothie, so maybe this will be the one!)

Reservage Cocoawell True Energy with AdaptoStress3 (Full Size $27.99 for a 60 Count Bottle) - Have you had your energizing cocoa today? Our adaptogenic herb blend and naturally sourced caffeine helps enhance energy. (I don't know how I feel about chocolate in capsule form; I'd just as soon eat a few squares of dark chocolate.)

Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant (Full size $2.99-$9.99) - Pop a packet into your gym bag, your desk, or overnight bag to stay fresh all day. This crystal-infused towelette offers all the great benefits of the award-winning deodorant in a convenient packet. (This is what they call a "lifestyle bonus" and I guess it's pretty nifty, but I like antiperspirant-I'm paranoid of funk!)

Perky Jerky (Full size $5.49-$39.48) - A healthy, satisfying snack made from all-natural ingredients, Perky Jerky is a good source of protein and is flavored with Guarana, for the ultimate functional food. (Let's just say, I'm intrigued...)

All in all, I'm impressed with this box, and will most likely subscribe to it. I think it is great motivation to continue on the healthy track that I am pursuing and at $10 it truly is a great value. This is more of an open box review than an assessment of each product individually, so if you would like to know what I think of each item as I try them, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and you'll hear all the deets. Also stay tuned on those networks for a special code towards your first box! Until next time...


  1. So glad you loved the box!

  2. Gah! This box sounds so awesome for helping you to stay healthy and in shape. I may just need to check Bulu out!! :)


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