Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Healthier Way to Get Germ Free-AKA: Clean Well Antibacterial Products

Back to school for me signals the end of the safe haven away from germs that is our home during the blissful summer months. The lil bits (Lo and Kenzie) and I are at home all day during the week, secure from the grime and bacteria of the world (I may have slight issues with small children and their nasty, germy ways-just thinking about it skeeves me out). So when my oldest daughter, Peyton, returns to school, it means that not only is she being exposed to hoards of germs, but inevitably she's bringing them home to share with us too :(

Needless to say, I'm a fan of antibacterial products. Mind you, I try not to go overboard with it, as I am aware of the dangers of over usage (ie: super resistant mutant germs, etc.) and you can't sterilize EVERYTHING (well I guess you could, but who has time for that). But I do have on deck at all times antibacterial soap, wipes, gel, etc. Until recently, I've paid little attention to the ingredients of said antibacterial products; I just make sure the baby doesn't try to drink my yummy smelling gels. But according to a recent New York Times article, it's time for me to take a closer look at the labels on my favorite soaps.

Apparently, triclosan, a popular ingredient in most antibacterial soaps, is a known endocrine disruptor, and according to the article, triclosan has the ability to alter hormone regulation in lab animals. So now do I have to choose between perpetual illness and early puberty in my girls? Nope! Clean Well has a solution to this dilemma!

Clean Well is already known for its all-natural hand sanitizers that utilize a patented formula of natural thyme oil to offer a triclosan free alternative to consumers. Their new Nature's Antibac Liquid Hand Soap uses the same technology to effectively kill germs while being gentle on the skin. These soaps are also paraben free and safe for the environment and come in 3 aromatic scents: Lavender (pictured above), Peppermint, and Orange Vanilla. 

And for staying germ free while on the go, Clean Well also has these convenient options: Foaming Hand Sanitizer (pictured with the soap), Hand Sanitizing Spray, and Wipes. Like the soap these products kill germs without the use of triclosan, alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, or other harsh chemicals. They're gentle on sensitive skin, safe for kids, won't sting cuts, and leave your skin feeling soft. 

The Lavender Nature's Antibac Soap lives in my kitchen and will reside there forever (I will be repurchasing, it smells that fantastic). The plan for the Foaming Hand Sanitizer was for it to be someplace easily accessible to the little ones, but um... they were a bit too enthusiastic about staying germ free after a certain Yo Gabba Gabba! episode featuring Anthony Bourdain, so I had to relocate it. Good news is, they enjoy using the foam so much, they are now vigilant germ fighters-bad news is, they used half the bottle in less than an hour. C'est la vie. The spray and wipes are great for throwing in your purse or diaper bag (I use them on hands and on surfaces if necessary). The product line retails from $3.99 (for the 1 oz. Hand Sanitizing Spray) to $13.99 (for the 32 oz Liquid Soap Refill) and is available for purchase at Whole Foods Market, The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Amazon, and many other retailers. Until next time...

PS-Product was provided to me by the company/PR. I was not paid for this post and all opinions stated are 100% honest and my own :)

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