Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We've Got Spirit! AKA-Score an Awesome Deal at Julep

I LOVE football. I even participate in a fantasy football league (and I WON last season, BTdubs). So I was really drawn to this cute idea and awesome, limited time deal from Julep!

From now until 11:59 PM August 30th, you can show your team spirit with your tips, by scoring your teams colors at the discounted price of 2 for $20! I live in Georgia, so I'm a die hard Falcons fan (despite the hubby's constant derision)-so these are the colors I'll be sporting this season:

Delaunay-Chili pepper red creme from the Trina Turk Fall Collection


January- Tomato Red Creme


Brandt- Opaque Off Black Creme also from the Tina Turk Fall Collection 

And of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't throw some glitter in there somewhere! To get your picks at the discounted price, visit Julep.com and enter the code GOTEAM at checkout. Hurry, the offer expires tomorrow night!

Are you a football fan? What team are you rooting for this season? What colors will you be wearing to show your support? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time...

Ciao, XxO


PS-If you like my choices (because you're a part of the "Rise Up Nation" or otherwise :), just click on the pictures to make a purchase!


  1. I think Delaunay would be the perfect Falcons(or Dawgs) red. January just seems too pink-ish.

    1. Though now that I look at swatches, it does look more red. I still like Delaunay though.

    2. I actually have January on my toes right now, and though it does come off as pinkish in the picture above, it really is a true tomato red. It's actually a great dupe for Dawgs red (and oh yeah; GO DAWGS!!!) LOL

  2. Reppin' for the Cowboys! While I am not a die hard fan by any means, the Cowboys have been part of my life since I was in Wichita Falls with nothing to do but watch them practice LOL. Plus the Hubs is a fan (he pretty much likes any team that beats the skins).

    1. I think I may be slightly more in to football than the hubby, but he humors me and lets me watch non stop games all Sunday! I will definitely be sporting red, black, and sparkles for the Falcons this season! RISE UP!!!


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