Thursday, August 23, 2012

Be Chic Literate: Dressing Marilyn (A Book Review)

One of my style inspirations is Marilyn Monroe. To me, she embodies ultimate glamour and femininity. This August actually marks 50 years since her death (there will even be a special memorial for her in Los Angeles). Ever on the look out for good chic lit, I jumped at the chance to preview the new book Dressing Marilyn, by Andrew Hansford with Karen Homer, about the man that styled Marilyn throughout her career, William Travilla. 

About the Book

William Travilla is one of the best costume designers of all time and Marilyn Monroe his most famous client. Dressing Marilyn: How a Hollywood Icon Was Styled by William Travilla focuses on the striking dresses that Travilla designed for Marilyn, from his early work on the thrillerDon't Bother to Knock and the gorgeous pink dress in which Marilyn sang “Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend” to the legendary white dress from The Seven Year Itch, which arguably contributed to the collapse of Marilyn's marriage to Joe DiMaggio. Featuring Travilla's original sketches, rare costume test shots, dress patterns, photographs of Marilyn wearing the dresses, plus exclusive and never-before-seen extracts from interviews with Travilla, this book offers a fresh insight into the golden age of Hollywood.

About the Author
Andrew Hansford has been involved in fashion for many years, having worked as a model and established his own business in the beauty industry. However, his life changed dramatically in 2007 when, after a phone call from a friend, a box of dresses designed by William Travilla for the screen legend Marilyn Monroe arrived on his doorstep. Since then, Andrew has worked with the Travilla Estate to help Travilla regain the renown he deserves. Andrew now manages Travilla's archive and has been responsible for six exhibitions showcasing Travilla's stunning work.

This book is the perfect gift for any Marilyn Monroe fan or even those simply interested in old Hollywood glamour and fashion. It is a beautiful book, full of pictures both familiar and new of the fabulous designs of Mr. Travilla. It is truly one of those rare books that can be enjoyed over and over again and is the perfect conversation starter as a coffee table book. Even the hubby was impressed with how beautifully the book is put together and my 12 year old daughter is often thumbing through its pages. 

Dressing Marilyn: How a Hollywood Icon Was Styled by William Travilla is now available at many fine retailers, such as Amazon and Target.com

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PS-This book was sent for review by the publisher or PR. I was not paid for this review and all opinions stated are 100% honest and my own. This post does contain affiliate links-if you choose to click on a link AND make a purchase, I will receive a small commission :)

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