Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Day In the Life: Batman Edition!

Originally, the hubby had a client scheduled for Saturday morning, so I thought I'd spend the morning at home with the lil bits, cleaning, scheduling and planning for the upcoming week, and catching up on some TV. Well, late Friday evening, said client called to reschedule, freeing up our Saturday to have some family fun. The forecast said that it was going to be 92 degrees out, so going back to Piedmont Park was definitely not an option. While we were contemplating what to do, the hubby got a call from a friend, and you'll never believe what we got the chance to do...

Um... yes. That is the actual, factual Batmobile (the one from the Chris Nolan movies, obvi)

Of course, the hubby couldn't resist getting a shot of his little star in front of the infamous Batmobile!

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the hubby was amped up all day over the experience! It is so great to see him inspired, excited, and in his element. It motivates me as well! The day pretty much turned out to be a "Take Your Family to Work Day" for him;  the girls and I ended up tagging along with him to another photo shoot (a neat little presentation at the bebe store at the Mall of Georgia).

Both of us saw the truth in a well known motto yesterday, "always be prepared." Because we were both ready, multiple opportunities presented themselves, and we were able to accept them. I don't want to spoil the surprise(s) for you lovelies, so make sure you stay tuned...

Until next time...

Ciao, XxO


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