Thursday, October 8, 2009

In the Great Green Room...

So sleepy, but I must write. It's been a very long day fueled by very little sleep. But this morning I was fortunate enough to have the wonderful Jennine (of The Coveted and IFB fame) actually respond to my email! I was beyond flattered and I am so grateful to her for having started the IFB; it's an invaluable resource and I'm very honored to be a part of it. She suggested that as a fashion blog, I really need to have more pictures on my site. And I have really taken her feedback to heart.

I disclosed my trepidations about putting pictures of myself up on the blog in a previous post, and it's obvi that I have not been able to get past them (yet). But a new day is coming. I'm picking the perfect outfit from top to bottom. I don't want to give off the appearance of trying to hard, but I want my debut to resonate from a place of insight and meaning. So look out world, 'cause here I come! But not tonight, because there is a quiet old lady whispering "hush..." 'Til next time...

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Fashion Forever...


FYI- The post title and the bit about the old lady at the end are from the classic children's book GOOD NIGHT MOON , written by Margaret Wise Brown with pictures by Clement Hurd. If you grew up in an alternative/parallel universe and did not have the distinct pleasure of having it read to you as a child or conversely reading it to your own little ones, please seriously consider purchasing it (if you click on the book title, it'll take you to Amazon). Your welcome : )


  1. Looking forward to your debut :)

  2. hi there. i vote for more pictures too! it took me a little while to get used to having my photo taken over and over, and it's definitely gotten a lot easier. big sunglasses, and looking away from the camera definitely help! can't wait to see your photos.....

  3. cant wait to see pics! u've got a cool blog, will be back to visit! :)



  4. Thx for all the encouragement you guys! You should expect to start seeing pictures starting tomorrow!

  5. Aw, we must be in sync, all the way across the ocean! Isn't Jennine great? She's so busy yet has time for everyone.

    Good lucky with your lovely blog! I have the opposite problem, mine is overflowing with photos!

    Denise ♥


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