Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

I got a promotion! Well actually I'm running my first promotion, thanks to Shelly of Go-Girl. I'm so excited! As should you be, because for a limited time (from Thursday, October 8 through Sunday, October 11) readers of Mama Fashionista will receive 15% off their entire purchase from www.shopgogirl.com!

Go Girl products take care of those little details that can ruin an entire look: stray hairs on your shirt from that last minute comb through, deodorant marks on your LBD, and the embarrassment of realizing everyone around you knows that you're cold (that can divert attention away from even the most spectacular ensemble). And even the media has noticed that Go Girl should be in every woman's purse, overnight bag, and carry on luggage. Kelly Ripa is a fan of the Lint Sheets, the CHIC double sided tape strips were showcased on the #6 feature of E! Networks Daily 10, and the Smudge Sponge has been featured on The Insider, The TV Guide Network, and on MyStyle.com.

My personal favorites: VaVa-Voom- reusable silicone nipple covers (because my boobs draw enough attention even when they're not "perky"), the Heal-A-Heel moisture socks (because even the fiercest pair of slingbacks look ugly with cracked heels and dry feet), and Oily-Doily blotting sheets (perfect for taking care of an afternoon case of shiny face and touching up make up applications). And if you can't decide what to try, there's No Worries! a totally adorable portable kit with CHIC tape strips, a pair of Bug'N Out disposable nipple covers, a Smudge Sponge, travel size toothbrush, and mini toothpaste.

Can you see why I'm excited! My first promotion is not for some lame company with stuff that no one can really see the need for. It's for necessities no fashionista should ever be without! Visit www.shopgogirl.com and enter the promo code "GOGIRL" for your 15% discount. Happy Shopping! Til next time...
(Oh and don't forget, the discount is only good through Sunday, so hurry!)

Fashion Forever...


(FYI-This is NOT a paid advertisement/endorsement. I have not received anything free from Go-Girl. Just so you know... So there, FTC! : p )


  1. Yay! Congrats on running your first promotion - so exciting!

  2. so cool, thanks for following....good luck on the giveaway!


  3. thanks Crystal and Lisa... as you can see on my sidebar-i'm a fan!


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