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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Call Me June Cleaver-AKA My Hen House Linens Apron

Hen House Linens Cook's Apron in Bargello Grass

Don't judge me, but I've wanted an apron for ages! It's a bit odd, but seeing the resurgence of such an old fashioned style staple in such cute, kitschy ways has had me itching to possess my own. But with so many companies popping up with various adorable takes on the housewife classic, I had a hard time choosing one, so I had none. But then lo and behold, in the mail one day, I received this beauty from Hen House Linens, and I've been rocking it almost daily ever since!

I love its thick, durable construction and modern pattern. It has a handy dandy pocket for me to stick a copious amount of pens, my phone, and lip balm. It's cut in such a manner that it is supremely flattering and super comfortable. Here's the kicker, I love to wear it to cook and clean (obviously, that's what it's made for), but on the days when I just don't feel like being domestic, putting on my apron actually motivates me to fulfill those run of the mill, domestic duties (except for folding the laundry; nothing short of bribery makes me want to fold laundry). And I feel super cute-like a modern day June Cleaver-when I have it on. It's practical and fun!

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