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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bring Local Flavors to the Table with Winn-Dixie!

My family doesn’t partake in the traditional celebrations of holidays, but I can honestly say that I do enjoy the “holiday season.” I see it as an opportunity to take advantage of awesome sales and most importantly, enjoy some much needed, extended family time. My home does not feel complete to me until my hubby walks in the door, so I love when he has the day off to spend with us. Not to mention that if he has a few consecutive days off, we often trek down to see my parents and spend quality time with them as well. Of course, cooking (and sometimes baking) comes in to play on these occasions. My father and I share a deep love for baked goods and confections and though I don’t bake often, when I do, I try to make it something special, which doesn’t mean fancy, just delicious!

I’ve been cooking since I was about 12 years old; I’m the oldest of three and my mother and father worked outside of the house. Preparing dinner started as a way for me to help fill a need for my family and help out my mother. I soon discovered that I have a knack for it. I’ve never been one to follow recipes per say. I have found that when I cook off the cuff, I tend to prepare the best dishes. Now that I’m married and have a family of my own, cooking has taken on an even bigger role in my daily duties-as a SAHM, I find myself cooking 2-3 meals a day, at least 5 days a week. I see it as an act of love and care for my family and I can’t describe the joy I feel when one them tells me that what I prepared tastes good!

I love to cook. In fact, my family knows that there must be something wrong with me if I ever utter the phrase “I don’t feel like cooking.” There is something very relaxing to me about the process of preparing a meal or dish and the satisfaction I feel, knowing that I am doing something necessary for my loved ones, that they will really enjoy, really speaks to something within my soul. It’s part of my nurturing nature that connects with the whole act of cooking-not to mention the fact that I love to eat!

I was born and raised in the South, and reside in the South still, with my family. There are certain dishes that are staples to Southern culture when it comes to big occasions or family gatherings: collard greens (we prefer ours spiked with red pepper flakes and with a smoked turkey leg), sweet potato casserole (with the requisite mini marshmallow blanket), copious amounts of stuffing/dressing (my dad uses a recipe that’s been passed down for generations), deep fried turkey (or some other form of delectable poultry as my father does not partake of pork or red meat), and often times a candy glazed ham (to appease the rest of us with less strict dietary requirements). My contribution to this feast is dessert-pound cake!

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