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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Landlocked? Let Bath and Body Works Malibu Heat Transport You to the Beach!

Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Malibu Heat Body Lotion , Shower Gel, and Fine  Fragrance Mist

Remember those old Calgon commercials? You know, "Oh Calgon! Take me away!" That's exactly what I think of when I smell Malibu Heat, one of the latest additions to Bath and Body Works Signature Collection. It is like the beach in a bottle and in an instant you feel transported ocean side. The scent is described as "a fresh blend of juicy pineapple, California orange and creamy coconut milk inspired by hot pink sunsets and twenty-seven miles of beautiful beach." My nose translates that to fun in the sand, surf and sunshine, with hints of salt water, coconut tanning oil, and creamy pina coladas (with lots of fruit and strong rum). I think I may be in need of a tropical vacation ASAP (or maybe just some quality bath time with out the girls joining me or banging on the bathroom door until I get out; I'd honestly be happy with either option). 

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