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How Can You Nail the Comfy Casual Look Without Seeming Sloppy?

 Doesn't it always seem like you have to choose between comfortable and stylish? We're often fed the message that beauty is pain or you have to suffer for your looks. But some of us just want to be comfy. A casual and comfortable look feels best a lot of the time, but you can sometimes run the risk of looking (and feeling) a little sloppy. When you think of comfy, maybe you think of baggy T-shirts and joggers. Fortunately, comfortable doesn't have to mean messy. You can get that comfy casual look while still looking put together. It might not necessarily be the right look for the office, but it can still work for a range of other settings and situations.

Try some of these tips if you want to feel comfy without worrying you're being judged for throwing on clothes you picked up from your bedroom floor.

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Combine Comfy and Classic

The key to getting the comfortable look right is often combining comfy clothes with something a bit more refined. Classic fashion items are always reliable and are amazing for helping to elevate just about any outfit. A classy white blouse, some ballet flats or a pencil skirt are all super classic items that you can get away with pairing with something a bit more casual. Put a pair of comfy boyfriend jeans with your favorite smart flats or wear a comfortable tank top with a smarter pencil skirt to combine the best of both worlds and get the look that you want with all of the comfort.

Accessorize to Elevate Outfits

Accessories can be a godsend when you're trying to zhuzh up an outfit that has the potential to look a bit too casual. With the right accessories, you can make just about any outfit look a little smarter without having to lose any of the comfort that you really want. Your accessories could be anything that adds a little something special to your outfit. Accessories can take an outfit from boring and predictable to eye-catching and much more stylish. Whether it's a statement necklace, a chic tote bag, or a pair of classic sunglasses, your accessories are the secret to boosting a casual look.

Add Some Sparkle to a Comfy Silhouette

Figure-hugging clothes are not always what you want to wear, especially if you're looking for comfort. But just because you want a looser fit, it doesn't mean you want to sacrifice style completely. If you want to wear something loose and breezy, it might not give you the look you want if you pick something too plain. One of the best ways to do something about that is to look for a little sparkle or some brighter colors. The Western dresses at Howdy Honey are amazing for this. You can find bright plains and prints, as well as some real sparkle in their sequined dresses. With a loose-fitting dress, you get the benefit of a cool breeze on a hot day, but you don't have to look like you're wearing a sack.

Explore Different Styles

Casual isn't just one style. You can dress casually in lots of different ways and finding a style that works for you can take your comfy look to the next level. Some styles are perfect for looking both comfy and chic, while others might get the casual bit right but fail in helping you look a bit more put together. One way to look stylish is to look for slightly comfier alternatives for smart pieces of clothing. For example, some pleated pants with an elasticated waist can feel really comfy while still looking smart. Dresses with a looser fit will allow you to look pretty without having to suffer through restrictive clothing that isn't fun to wear.

Pick Neutrals for a Chic Look

You only have to look at Nordic fashion to see how chic you can look when you stick to neutral colors. It's definitely not for everyone, especially if you prefer to let your personality shine through brighter shades, but neutrals are really reliable. They can help you to easily create a look that's stylish while still feeling really comfortable and casual. White, black, beige, cream and other neutral shades can form a core part of your wardrobe. They're super easy to mix and match too, making it simple to put together an outfit at the last minute.

Find the Right Fit

The way your clothes fit makes a big difference to the final look. If you're wearing something that fits poorly, it can make your outfit look a lot sloppier than you intend it to be. Think about your body type when you're looking for comfy items to wear. The right fit will help you get a silhouette that looks stylish and chic, while you're secretly feeling as comfy as can be. Getting the balance between tight and baggy can be a little tricky, but you can get it right if you find styles that work well for you. Look for comfy pieces that show off the best parts of your figure and fit in all the right places.

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Buy High-Quality Clothes

Have you thought about the quality of the clothes you wear? It can actually really matter if you're trying not to look too sloppy. Cheaper clothes can, unsurprisingly, look cheap. They also don't last as long most of the time, so they can start to look kind of ratty as they start unraveling. Buying better quality clothes is usually a bit pricier, but it's totally worth it if you want to look good. It also makes it a lot easier for you to look stylish while you're in your comfiest clothes. When you have some basic but quality clothes and accessories, you have all the building blocks you need for a comfy but chic look.

Pick the Right Shoes

Shoes can be tricky when you want to be comfy but you don't want to look like a slob. Your oldest pair of sneakers might be the comfiest pair you own, but they probably don't look great. On the other hand, you don't want to spend the day suffering in stilettos just because they make your feet look cute. Luckily, there are shoes that look great, aren't too fancy, and can be comfy to wear. Ballet flats are always a good go-to option, but if you still want to wear heels, consider some low block heels or kitten heels. They're not difficult to walk in because they're smaller, they're easier on your feet, and they look a little smarter than some other shoes.

Choose Fabrics Carefully

Your choice of fabrics matters when you want to get the perfect balance between comfy, casual, and stylish. Some fabrics naturally look dressy, while others can look a lot more casual. Mixing them up can help you create the look you want so it's not too formal but not too sloppy. Some smarter fabrics include drapey fabrics like silk or cotton lawn, as well as some stiffer and more structured textiles like leather. Casual fabrics include things like stretchy cotton jersey, denim, and terry or flannel. Play around with combining different fabrics to get the best results.

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Try Something New

We can all get stuck in our ways. It's so much easier to just reach for your most-loved outfits because you don't have to think too much about what to wear. But if you're stuck in a rut, it can help to mix things up. Trying something new will help you find new ways to dress casually and comfortably while still looking somewhat smart. There are lots of new things you can try, whether it's some comfy black leggings or a different pair of shoes.

Do Your Hair and Makeup

It's not just your clothes that make a difference if you want to feel comfy but look a little less casual. Pay attention to your hair and maybe your makeup if you want to elevate your look a little. You don't have to do anything fancy, and you might prefer not to wear any makeup. But you at least need to make sure your hair is neat and your face is clean and moisturized. It doesn't take very long to do a simple hairstyle, even if it's just a ponytail or a bun. Really basic makeup only takes a few minutes too, especially if you have lots of practice.

Leave Your Lounging Clothes at Home

Clothes for lounging around at home are essential. When you get in from a long day or you want to have a lazy weekend, they're perfect for staying comfy. But a line should be drawn if you want to look presentable in public. Leave your at-home clothes at home and change into something else for getting out and about. Even if you're still dressed comfortably, it should be different from super casual clothes that you wear when lounging on the couch.

Being comfy and casual doesn't have to mean looking or feeling sloppy. With some careful choices, you can look and feel amazing without sacrificing comfort.

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