Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Winter Warmers to Prep and Make

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November is here and many of us have found ourselves in that transitional stage between autumn and winter. The weather is getting worse, the nights are drawing in closer and the temperatures are dropping. It’s safe to say that, when it comes to meals, summer salads aren’t top of our list of cravings right now. Instead, our bodies are calling for warm cooked meals that can see us last through the day. But what options should you be considering to fill your stomach and provide your body with all the nutrients it needs? Here are a few suggestions that might tick your boxes!


What better way to start a cold winter’s morning than a warming bowl of porridge? Oats are great for the winter months, as not only do they feel warm, but they are packed with slow release carbohydrates to keep you going until lunch time - no matter what elements you may be facing in the morning. To create a perfect bowl of porridge, add your oats to your favorite type of milk (standard or plant based) and warm on the hob. The oats will quickly absorb the milk and can be emptied into your bowl. You can choose from a choice of toppings to add some extra nutrients, from bananas to berries, nuts, seeds and more, this can be a highly nutritious fix!


Autumn and winter are soup season. Thankfully, there are countless types of soup out there, so there’s bound to be one that you’ll enjoy. Whether that’s tinned or carton soups from the store that just need to be heated up, or you’re planning on creating your soup from scratch, both will be delicious and wonderfully nutritious! Oxtail, matzo ball, butternut squash, tomato, chicken noodle… the list goes. Pair with some thickly sliced bread for some carbohydrates to keep you going.


Stews are a little more filling and substantial than a soup. They have a broth, as well as chunky vegetables and often some sort of legume, such as beans or lentils. Consider something like slow cooker pinto beans. Alternatively, you may want to consider pearl barley. If you have some extra time, you might want to make some dumplings. These can be made from suet, or vegetable suet if you’re planning a vegetarian or vegan recipe.

Stodgy Puddings

Got a sweet tooth? Why not consider some more filling winter warmers? There are so many traditional desserts that are stodgy, hot and should just hit the spot. Look up recipes such as stick toffee pudding, spotted dick, banoffee pie, bread and butter pudding, syrup sponge and more. As the festive season approaches you can also consider Christmas pudding, Christmas cake and other festive delights.

Hopefully, some of the recipes above should help you to come up with a few delicious meals that will keep you going through the winter. Look up some recipes, experiment with flavours and see how you get on!

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