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3 Techniques For Strengthening Your Blended Family

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Feelings of insecurity, resistance, mistrust, and apprehension are some emotions that run among members of a blended family. It’s understandable why these emotions may exist, and fortunately, you can overcome them with a conscious and deliberate effort. It could be something as deliberate as a home-based holiday activity. According to statistics, about 40% of families in the US are blended, which makes it quite predominant. So, if you are handling a blended family and trying to strengthen relationships, these tips may help.

  1. Create bonding moments

There are many ways to create bonding moments for your blended family. The guiding principle here is to be deliberate about these activities. This involves mindful planning and ensuring that everyone has a part to play in these bonding moments. It could be a vacation where you get to know every member of the blended family personally. If that is the plan, it would be best to factor in age and interests. Younger family members may have different interests from the older ones. By making these considerations, you create an opportunity for everyone’s preferences to be attended to.

Perhaps, vacation is not on the list. If that is the case, you still have the liberty to create bonding moments at home. It could be a weekend family dinner or movie night. It would be great to order in if you plan on the latter. Some pizza places open late at night, and you can have deliveries made to your home where everyone is gathered. Indeed, it’s nothing fancy, but the act builds the foundation for bonding. 

  1. Appreciate and express gratitude

Sometimes, people want to avoid coming across as people-pleasers just to fit in. Due to this, persons in a blended family may be apprehensive about giving compliments. Experts say it is a normal human reaction if you feel this way. It may pop up now and then, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving genuine compliments when necessary. This also applies to expressing gratitude. 

Whenever there’s an opportunity to show appreciation to members of your blended family, never waste it. Everybody loves to be appreciated and cared for. Members of the blended family are no different. Sometimes, you may notice that others follow suit after taking the initiative to do it. Indeed, all it takes is for you to take that bold step to facilitate a positive chain reaction.

  1. Allow the adjusting period to phase off naturally

If you are new to the blended family, it’s normal for everybody to want to adjust. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the adjusting period in a blended family may take up to twenty-four months. During this time, experts advise against rushing the process. Individual members of the family need to warm up to everyone. If you rush the process, you may experience great resistance, pulling any progress further back.

Blended families can be beautiful if you work hard at it. Several successfully blended families exist in the US, and yours can be one. In the meantime, remember to approach the process with honesty and a genuine interest for everyone.

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