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How To Overcome Dating Shyness


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It’s no secret that many folks are introverts, and some can be painfully shy when meeting new people. Dating shyness isn’t a new thing, and it’s more common than you might think. You’re probably reading this today because it’s something you experience with dating.

But, you want to try and tackle your dating shyness and boost your confidence when meeting new people. The good news is you can overcome your shyness by taking a few small, simple steps, and the following will give you some inspiration on how you can do so:

Get Some Practice Online

The first thing you should do is work on your social skills with other people online. Doing so is a great way to build up your confidence, familiarize yourself with all sorts of conversational questions, and know how to keep any conversation from going stale.

You can do so with online dating apps and websites and even Facebook groups. If you prefer an offline medium that isn’t face-to-face, you could consider a local chat line where you can talk to other single people interested in dating.

There are plenty of ways to practice your communication skills and turn yourself into an extrovert.

Work On Your Eye Contact

When introverted people go on dates, a common theme with those individuals is the failure to maintain eye contact. They will often try to avoid eye contact with their date and perhaps look around or elsewhere a lot.

Unfortunately, not maintaining eye contact will make the other people think they are boring their date.

If you have a habit of looking around out of shyness, working on your eye contact will help you better connect with your date and show that you’re interested in the conversation. It might even make you feel more comfortable and calm about the whole experience.

Stop Overthinking Everything

Another common trait with people that are extremely shy in social settings is that they constantly overthink everything. For example, on a date, such a person might be wondering whether they are saying the right things, or if they’ve dressed appropriately for their date.

It makes sense to stop overthinking everything for several reasons. Firstly, you’ll enjoy your day or evening out with your date. Secondly, you won’t feel mentally drained from feeling so anxious about analyzing everything. Lastly, you might actually have a fun experience.

Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Last but not least, one of the things you must do to overcome your shyness is move out of your comfort zone. For example, you should consider fun new ways to go on dates instead of sticking with conventional or “socially safe” options.

You should also consider other options that you’d generally dismiss, such as attending singles parties or speed dating. Moving out of your comfort zone helps you to discover new ways to experience things in life.

Final Thoughts

Being an introvert isn’t something that you can “fix” overnight. However, by considering some or all of the ideas above, you can help turn yourself into a more outgoing individual and have more fun dating experiences - and potentially end up in a fantastic relationship!

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