Thursday, December 9, 2021

4 Tips for Moms Who Are Looking to Feel Stylish and Comfy

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There’s this idea that the older you get, the less stylish you can be. This sentiment goes even further for mommies. Whoever created this idea that older women, especially mothers can’t pull off looking stylish is dead wrong. The beauty of getting older (no matter your age) is the fact that you only grow more confident. Who says you can be stylish and fun? Who even makes these rules? If you’re wanting to look stylish but still maintain your comfort, then look no further. These tips are all here to help you out!

Layers aren’t always needed

If you like dressing in layers, then have at it, but just know that you don’t need to dress in layers. What makes you feel good? What is something that you can wear and immediately feel confident? If it Is layers, then great, but not then no need. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin and your own clothes. Wear what makes you happy.

Know where to shop

At times it can be a tad difficult accepting that the old you get, the less “trendier” clothes will complement your appearance. Nowadays, some styles of clothes seem so blended. You can step into a store and ask “what is for my age?”.  Shops use to have sections of clothes that would at least give their customers an idea of what would be age appropriate for them but now it’s just all cluttered together. You could be browsing through the same rack with teenagers.

Clothing nowadays tends to want to be more geared towards younger people. It can make it a bit difficult, but fortunately, there is a women’s boutique-style clothing shop that does offer clothes that are more niche rather than just trying to appeal to a broad audience of all ages. Knowing where to shop can really be a huge game-changer.

Get a statement piece

If you know anything about interior design then you know that each room needs to have a statement piece to help bring everything together, right? This also goes for fashion as well. If you have any chic-fall fashion pieces then think about what the statement piece will be. This is going to tie everything together, but it’s also going to be what helps make your outfit stand out too. This can be anything such as jewelry, shoes, accessories, a belt, anything you want it to be really.

Take advantage of comfy trends

When it comes to fashion, trends are always coming and going but why not stick to the ones you like? There’s no need to jump on the fast-changing trends in fashion. But trends can help point you in the right direction of what you may like and what you may find to be comfy. One great example would be yoga pants or what Gen Z calls “flared leggings”. These are super comfortable, cozy, and they can look fantastic with about anything. Whenever a new comfy trend is on the rise, feel free to take advantage of it. 

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