Monday, May 4, 2020

Lockdown? No Problem. African American Wigs to Style You through the Year


Black hair is beautiful hair. And the African American woman has not been shy about spending to keep her precious gem, precious. Statistics show that in 2018, the African American Hair Care Industry raked in a record $2.51 Billion.

Thanks to increased beauty awareness within the black community. More importantly, the African man and woman are more inclined to using beauty products curated for them.
And projections from the same statistics show that by 2021, the total African Americans will be spending on products curated for them will be at a whopping $1.5 trillion.
That means even tough years, lockdowns, and possible economic downsizing, will not completely deter the Afro woman from rocking her style.
And if this defines you, then you are reading the right piece. Here is a collection of wigs that can save you the critical time you need to make more business, more meetings, and still give you the proper shine while at it.

Short Wigs

If you wish to maintain that young look all year long, then short wigs are the way to go. The best thing about short wigs is that they not only show the younger side of you, but also fit very well with all face shapes, and save you money.
This means that you can buy a robust collection of short wigs (probably throw in a few with curls), and easily switch through them all year long without losing your style identity. And since the black woman just can’t resist playing around with hair, short wigs can still be styled despite being synthetic.

Long, Curly Layers

This is for the Tyra Banks look. For those who watched (and still do watch) this lady rock the fashion world with her long luscious hair, then you must know just how sexy a wig styled like this would look.
And if you are planning to run your own America’s Next Top Model, then this is the type of wig you should wear.
And just so you know, this style is not for the young vixen only. In this day and age, long, luscious wigs can be worn by women of all ages, as long as you fancy hair running down your shoulders.

U-Part Wigs

A while back, wigs were given a bad rep. Why would a woman put on synthetic hair while she can take care of the real deal at a salon?
Of course, there are a lot of answers to that.
But if you still want your hair standing out together with the wig, in the most natural way possible, then the U-part wig is what you need.
U-part wigs have a U-shaped opening at the top that allows you to pop out your natural hair, and let it flow with the wig. The result is a natural-looking hairline.
U-part wigs at EvaWigs, for instance, even allow you to customize how much space you need at the U-part, based on your ventilation and width needs. This makes it so easy to get that natural fit with the wig, reduce heat, and make it harder for someone to spot you’re on synthetic hair.

Afro Wigs

While long curly wigs will define an Afro woman styled for the 21st century, afro wigs will take you back to the 80s and 90s when black culture got into the mainstream light.
So, if you are a Whitney Houston or Aretha Franklin fan who wants to stay true to the roots, this is what you should be wearing.
And speaking of roots, despite this being a wig, it is the closest to perfect representation of the kinky hair African women are famed for. And thanks to this closeness to the real deal, it will be difficult for someone to tell whether this is not your natural hair.

Open Wefts Wigs

Cheap wigs can be very embarrassing. They quickly build up heat and soon you find yourself in an itching frenzy, making it look like you have unkempt, dirty, not African American-woman like hair.
So, if you hate the heat, and want to move away from the cheap, open weft wigs should be your best option. Unlike normal wigs, the hair wefts are not totally sewn together, leaving room for air circulation and a cool head.

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