Monday, May 18, 2020

How to Spice Up Your Style

Your style may have once done it for you, but there could come the point when it’s beginning to feel a little old and uninspiring. At that point, you’ll have two options: you can either continue with your increasingly stale look, or you can mix things up and spice up your style. And really, there’s only one answer: spice things up! Not sure how you can do this? Then check out some of our useful tips below -- they’ll have you on your way in no time. 

Out With the Old

You might have warm fuzzy feelings for some of your clothes, but if they’re beginning to look a little worse for wear, then it’s probably time that you retire them -- or at least only wear them inside your house. It’s so easy to become attached to items that were once 10/10 pieces, but after many wears, they might have slipped down to 4/10 -- and there’s no covering for 4/10 clothing. Once you’ve retired the old items, it’ll be time to hit the shops and pick up some fresh threads. You’ll notice that your style is improved instantly!

Hair and Makeup Options

As with clothes, we can sometimes fall into the habit of wearing our hair and makeup in the same old way. It might look good, sure, but it’s unlikely to make a statement. Everyone’s already so used to seeing you that way, after all. If you’re going to mix things up and make it all more exciting, then take a look at visiting the salon. If they’re professional, they’ll have the knowledge and experience you need to leave with a standout look. For your makeup, take a look at YouTube: there are plenty of high-quality tutorials available.

Make the Most of Accessories

Of course, it’s not as if you’re going to have an amazing outfit for every day of the week, and it’s not as if you can visit the salon every week either. One efficient way to spice up your style is to make the most of accessories. These can be subtle enough that they always feel new and fresh, yet always make an impact, items of jewelry especially. Nose jewelry in particular can really make someone stand out from the crowd, so shop here for Titanium septum jewelry. For the summer months, it’s also worthwhile investing in high-quality sunglasses and hats. 

Get Bold With Color 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to spice up your style, then here it is: get bold with color! Take a look at a crowd of people, and it’s always the ones who wear bright colors that stand out. 

Walking Tall

Finally, remember that your attitude can contribute massively to your style! Indeed, a person who rocks their outfit can get away with wearing clothes that others can’t. Of course, part of the appeal of confidence is that it’s not something that you can fake -- it is, however, something that you work on bringing into your life. 

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