Sunday, March 8, 2020

How to Take the Best Photos For Your Fashion Blog


Are you a keen fashion blogger looking to take your site to the next level? Here are some tips and tricks to improve your photos, which in turn will improve how much people engage with you and can boost followers. 

Get a good camera

You can get great shots on any smartphone these days, but if you want to give you blog the professional edge then you need a professional quality camera. SLRs allow you to play around with techniques like shallow focus which can look really effective, this is where you’re in shot but the background is blurred. Think about upgrading to a good camera if you’re serious about making your blog the best it can be. 

Rope in someone to help you

The thing about fashion shots is to take full length outfit photos you generally need someone to take them for you. You can play around with a tripod and a remote, but another person will be much better at getting the shots and angles you want. Make friends with another fashion blogger who lives nearby, that way you can take photos for each other and it’s mutually beneficial.

Consider the setting

If all of your photos are taken against your living room wall, then your followers are going to quickly get bored. Switch it up and have fun with it, use it as an excuse to travel to new places even if it’s just your local city centre or woods. One thing to think about when you’re taking pictures in public is to be aware of dangers, speak to any personal injury lawyer and they’ll tell you that theres been a steep rise in accidents relating to people taking photos for blogs and Instagram in recent years. Those ‘middle of the road’ shots might look cool but don’t put your life in danger!

Get your makeup and hair right

Your photos might be to showcase the clothes you have on, but you want to make sure you look the full package. Do your hair and makeup in a way that compliments your look. For example, if you’re going with a flowy boho look then layering up stacking jewelry, adding a fringed bag and feather earrings will make the photo look its best. If you’re going for a glam look, some red lipstick and smokey eyes would work well. Spend some time curating your outfit and accessories and the overall vibe you’re going for, that way when the pics are snapped you’ll look your very best. 

Use photoshop

Photoshop gets a bad rep because people use it to make themselves look slimmer, younger, even completely change their body shape. You don’t need to do any of this, instead, use the software to enhance your photos. Brighten them up, adjust the contrast and saturation, use the blemish tool to get rid of any litter or other unsightly things in the photos. 

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