Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Gift Ideas for the Senior in your Life

It can be difficult sometimes, choosing a thoughtful and practical gift for the senior citizen in your life. If your Mother, Father, Aunt or Grandparent are the type of frustratingly practical that many of ours are, you know that the best gifts are ones that they see as helpful and affordable. Even then, you still might see a 50% chance of them trying to regift it to you (we all have that one relative…). 

Whether you’re looking for a practical but fun gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just because, we have a few ideas for affordable and practical gifts for the senior citizen in your life - gifts they’re guaranteed to keep and enjoy, that won’t end up re-wrapped on your dining room table in a few months! 

Cheap Plane Tickets

How many older people do you know that say things like, “I’ve always wanted to take that trip to Jamaica, but…” or, “I’ve always dreamed of visiting Greece, but never had the time…”. Why not surprise them with a pair of plane tickets so they can finally go on that dream vacation? In a few months, when chaotic current events calm down, airlines are going to be offering some great rates for travel, to help boost their industry back up. And as it stands, many already offer a senior citizen discount in international flights, offered by a number of great airlines. You’ll be able to get really good deals on cheap airfares, no matter what the destination. Pair it with a great vacation package or group tour, and your loved one will be absolutely thrilled. Give them the trip of a lifetime as a gift to show them how much you love and appreciate them. Even better: go along with them! 

Local Arts and Entertainment

Not all of us can afford a fancy trip abroad, no matter how cheap the flights may be. We get that. Why not plan a lovely weekend trip a little closer to home for your elderly loved one? 

Tickets to a local showing of Hamilton, or their musical, opera or play of choice, or even taking them to a local concert venue, or even just a trip to the movies - paired with a fancy dinner out at a classy restaurant and a stay in your favorite local hotel is a wonderful weekend-trip idea that they’ll treasure the memory of always. You can find some really great ticket prices for events like these via Groupon and other discount sites, and you can scour for deals on the best lodging and eateries to hit up while you’re in town. Top it all off with a lovely walk in the park, hitting up a cafe for coffee and pastries, or an afternoon drive through the scenic city. 


Let’s face it: older people are notoriously stubborn about trying new things, as well as about spending money, so the chances of them buying that top of the line new Roku TV or Smart Fridge for their kitchen are nil. If they’re in need of something, why not purchase it for them as a gift? Whether it’s a fancy digital camera or a SMART thermostat to finally take care of that drafty parlor, functional gifts that utilize new technologies can save them money and give them an ease and comfort they’ll be hard-pressed to turn down. Just tell them you got a great deal! 

These are a few great gift ideas for the senior in your life. It can be hard to find a gift they deem practical enough to enjoy, but if you choose one of these, they are guaranteed to love it. 

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