Thursday, December 19, 2019

Mom's: Here's How to Buy the Perfect Eyeglasses!

As a mom, it is important that you have a good pair of eyeglasses. They are likely to get dirt, saliva, and food on them and they will probably be pulled on and grabbed. Therefore, they need to be comfy and sturdy and you probably don’t want to pay too much for them. We suggest you buy your eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect they are affordable and will stand the test of motherhood.

If you are a new mom, many things in your life will be changing. Fashion styles may have become less important to you, and you need something more practical. Or perhaps you were used to wearing contact lenses but are struggling to wear them every day when you have tired eyes. You may even run the risk of falling asleep wearing them, which can be very damaging to your eyes. However, it is still important that you have a pair of glasses which you like and feel confident in. 

Here are four things to consider when choosing eyeglasses as a mom: 

It should be obvious why, as a mum, you may need to invest in an anti-scratch coating on your glasses. They will likely be pulled off your head and end up on the floor several times throughout the day and night. Although this will not make your glasses 100% scratch-proof, it will reduce damage to your glasses and help them to last longer.

You may need to get glasses with a thicker frame to help them to keep their shape and not bend out of place. Metal also tends to be stronger than plastic and will not break easily. The strongest materials are usually Nylon plastic as well as any metal and wood. So, you should still have a large range to choose from. You can find out more about the different materials used for glasses here

Anti-glare is a thin coating that helps to reduce reflections of light on your glasses. This is important when driving, watching TV or using a computer. This reduces eye strain, which is an important issue for moms who may be getting less sleep than they once did. If your child is watching TV whilst you are trying to get some housework done, it will also stop the light reflecting off your glasses, which can be very distracting.  


As a mom, things that once defined, you have changed. Your identity becomes wrapped up in being a mom. Glasses come in a variety of styles and although you have to consider your needs as a mom, they should still suit your style and your face shape. After all, they are on your face and you probably wear them every day! You need to feel your best even when you haven’t slept in days and have baby-sick on your top. Therefore, the shape and color of your glasses are still of utmost importance. You can find out more about choosing a style and color to suit your face shape and skin tone here

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