Wednesday, November 20, 2019

How To Create A Playroom For Everyone In The Family

Normally, when you hear the word, “playroom,” you just assume that it is a room for the kids to play in. What if I told you that playrooms are not just for kids - adults can have playrooms as well! But, how do you create a playroom for adults, you might be wondering? Well, let me help you out. I have been wanting to create a playroom for everyone in the family - both the kids and the adults - for quite some time now and I have ALL of the ideas already thought out, so I figured I could share them with all of you. Here are my best ideas when it comes to how to create a playroom for everyone in the family:

Big Enough Space
First of all, you need to have a big enough space for your playroom. While you can make a room work, I always recommend a basement or something along those lines. Don’t worry - your basement doesn’t need to have separate rooms, one large basement/room is great! If you do want some separation from the ‘kid’ section and the ‘adult’ section, then you can also section the room off with furniture. The reason that you want a large enough space is because not only will you have kid toys in the room, but you will also have adult toys. In addition, you need enough space to actually enjoy the area. The kids will want to run around, the adults will probably stand around and have a few beverages, and you really just do not want to feel like you are smushed in that room.

Pool Table
The kids probably already have their toys, so now it’s time to think about yours. How about a pool table? I was so worried about taking care of my pool table for the longest time, until I found Absolute Billiard Services. Not only do they provide master-quality work when it comes to recovering, assembling, disassembling, calibrating, and repairing all makes and models of pool tables (including antiques), but they also sell pool tables Atlanta and move pool tables, as well. They have been located in the Metro-Atlanta area for over seventeen years and are fully licensed, insured, and are trusted with many references to back them up. They say, “We are one of the only two official members of the ABIA (American Billiard Installers Association – abiainstallers.com) in the city of Atlanta, so beware of those who may falsely claim to be. The ABIA is the sole association that sets the standards for quality and professionalism in the pool and billiard table industry of America. With strict guidelines and quality control checks for all who apply to be ABIA members, guaranteed customer satisfaction and quality of craftsmanship are verified only for those who meet their highest standards.”

Absolute Billiard Services uses their 14-foot box truck that has been customized specifically for moving tables safely - no matter if it is raining, or sunny out, to move their clients tables. They carry a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy AND a $10,000 Inland Marine Insurance Policy (also known as Cargo Insurance). Most pool table moving companies do not carry this insurance and you want to make sure that you use a company that does carry it because this is what covers your pool table when it is being transported. If you have a pool table, check out Absolute Billiard Services because they have many high-quality services to offer you and I am 100% sure that you will be happy that you found them.

Picking your furniture should be relatively easy. Part of my ideal playroom would be to have a home theatre in there, so with that in mind, you are going to want something extremely comfortable. I highly recommend the couches that recline back and have cup holders. This will give you the feeling of being in an actual theatre outside of your home. If you pick couches or chairs that do not have cup holders, make sure you have plenty of side tables available so you can sit your cup down. Another fun addition would be pillows. Theaters don’t have pillows, but I think they add an extra level of comfort and they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. On top of purchasing couches, you will also need something to house all of your electronics in. DIY Network says: “Media storage cabinets are best placed in the back of the room. They'll be out of sight from the viewing positions and also double as acoustic absorbers for sound waves bouncing around the back of the room.” If you have an apple tv, balance it behind the tv. This keeps it out of sight, but you also have easy access to it for use.

Technology + A TV

You are going to have to do a bit of research on this one! You will definitely need a huge projector screen, a lot of speakers, a home entertainment system, and more, if you are making part of your playroom into a home theatre. I know a lot of people just purchase a television, but if you want a real movie-like feel to your theatre room, go all out and purchase the “real stuff.” You will definitely need to install surround sound for your speakers. There are quite a few options for surround sound - you could just stick with a sound bar, or you could get a home theatre in a box, or receivers and amplifiers (which is probably ideal for a theatre). An affordable, but great option is a 5.1 speaker system. Even if you are not turning part of your basement or playroom into a theatre, having a large TV and some technology is still essential (in my opinion) so that the kids (and adults) can play video games and watch shows + movies.

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