Monday, September 9, 2019

Ways To Make The Most Of Your Sacred Downtime

What they don’t tell you when you are preparing for motherhood is just how much of a drain it is on your resources, not just financially, but emotionally. As such, we need to figure out the best ways in which to maximize downtime. But when we have children running around, throwing things, and just not listening, even though we do our best to provide a supportive framework, we can struggle to cope on occasion. The idea of downtime can seem impossible, but we need to make the most of whatever little downtime we have, even if it's after the children have gone to bed, or we are lucky enough to hand them to the grandparents now and again. What are the best ways for parents to make the most of their downtime?

Having That Blowout

We might feel that we should take advantage of numerous happy hours, but this doesn’t stop us from feeling guilty. But having that blowout with friends that you don't see very often, it's crucial. It helps get you out of that parenting routine. As good as a routine is for the children, we can feel hemmed in by it. As such, by having that blowout, even for a few hours, is crucial. It gives us an opportunity to get back in touch with our old lives, our old friends, and just have fun! It's a lot of hard work being a parent and trying to keep everything on track. We need a blowout, and it will make all the difference.

Planning And Preparing A New Structure

On the other side of the coin, if you feel that you need adequate downtime because you don't have a handle on events, use whatever little time you have to plan and prepare a new way to be a parent, or just getting a handle on a different way of handling your week can benefit. We feel bound by a lack of time; whether this is to prepare meals, or spending quality time with the children, this means that you've got a rethink your entire structure. Are you doing things the long way round? For example, if you need to clean your house but you feel that you have to do it in one go, does this take all day? Instead, you could find ways to clean little and often. This can make a massive change to your day, and give you even more downtime.

Doing Something Just For You

We do everything for everyone else, now it's time to have something that's for us, and us alone. Whether it's a little hobby, or just going for a bath after everybody's gone to bed, having even 20 minutes to ourselves can reinvigorate us in so many different ways. Because we have to share our lives, we can lose track of who we are, especially when we have children that need us for every single thing. Having that one little thing that is for you is underestimated, and can rejuvenate you in so many ways.

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