Friday, September 27, 2019

How To Add A Touch Of Flare Into Your Fall Home

You all know that I am a fashionista when it comes to what I wear, but did you know that I also love a good, fashionable home? It’s true - I do. Spring and fall are by far my favorite months to decorate for, but I love it all. Right now, I am gearing up for fall and I have been figuring out how I am going to add a touch of flare into my fall home this year. Here are a few of my ideas if you want to do the same:

Shop For Decor

I guess this step should really come last, but let’s talk about it first anyway. Shopping for fall decor is the best in my opinion. So many places have amazing decor options out there right now, but my favorite places to shop at HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Target. AtHome has great options, as well. We talk about this more in detail in a bit, but I love picking up cozy elements, color (even if they are fake floral arrangements to go in your home), and fall scents, as well. But, like I said, more on this within the article! When you search for fall decor, or really decor for any season, make sure you find items that you can reuse for years to come so that you do not always have to spend money on new decor. You will thank me later for that tip! Of course, I always end up buying new items each year, but at least I do not have to spend a huge amount of money each year. 

Use Cozy Elements

I told you we would jump into all of the fun details! Using cozy elements is my very favorite way to transition a home from summer to fall...and then winter! Adding in plush blankets, maybe more pillows, and other fun details to keep your home cozy is essential. But, I want you to think past the blankets and pillows. Think warm accents, as well. This might look different for each person, but to me, I love adding in some details such as wood accessories, lots of different textures (think: chunky throw, linen duvet, etc.), and maybe even some stringed lights for a fun touch. Be creative, be yourself, and have fun with it - you seriously cannot go wrong. A really easy way to achieve this is to add some interesting art prints to your walls, why not give it a try?

Add Color To Your Exterior

I love a good fall garden - it adds just the right amount of curb appeal and flare into (or out of, I guess you would say) your home. According to Good Housekeeping, “Unfortunately, your peonies and daisies won't flower forever. The good news: It's almost time for mums, pansies, and all of your other fall favorites. An autumn garden can feature tons of color, including reds, pinks, oranges, yellows, purples, and blues. Check with your local nursery or plant supplier to determine the optimal time to plant each species — often late spring or early summer. An expert on your area can also recommends the best annuals and perennials will flower through September and October. If you're ordering plants online, check the United States Department of Agriculture's Plant Hardiness Zone Map. It breaks down the different climates across the country into numbered sections, a handy guide when picking between different varieties. In general, count on most of these autumn-blooming beauties to grace your garden until the first hard frost.”

Have Your Home Pressure Washed

What’s the point of adding all of the beautiful fall color to your home if the rest of your exterior looks awful? Make sure you pay attention to the important details of your home such as the siding. Does it need to be painted? How about pressure washed? A lot of the times, a good pressure washing will do the trick and your home will look great! But, you want to find a company that knows what they are doing. That is why I always recommend using Peach State Pressure Wash. They are the best of the best when it comes to all things related to exterior home maintenance and they even offer a “Peachy Clean” maintenance program which is a regular maintenance cleaning service that eliminated the need to ever worry about pressure washing, gutter cleaning, or window washing again. They say, “Your property will look its best year round with regular maintenance cleanings. As a member, each service is pre-scheduled throughout the year to insure that you always receive priority scheduling and that no service is ever missed. Our Peachy Clean program can be customized to your needs with additional add-on services and is automatically billed in easy monthly payments.” The most affordable package offered, the “essentials” package includes a gutter cleaning with a downspout flush twice a year, an annual house wash, an annual driveway and sidewalk wash, and an annual exterior window cleaning.

Let me just ask you - when was the last time you had your windows cleaned? Probably not recently...or ever. If not, I definitely recommend calling Peach State Pressure Wash. They serve the intown and Metro-Atlanta area and they are not only veteran-owned, but also family-owned, and Atlanta natives! David, the owner of Peach State Pressure Wash, started the company with just a few thousand dollars and one pressure washer. He along with his team strive to make your day a little smoother and the world a little better.

Utilize Fall Scents

Last but not least, utilize fall scents! Now, I know that this is not exactly a decor tip, but in my opinion, your senses control how you feel about everything and smell is a huge deal. Ramping up the fall smells within your home will definitely make it feel like fall is finally here - no matter the temps outside. While candles are great, they also have the potential to be toxic, so look into other alternatives such as essential oils.

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