Monday, August 26, 2019

Oral Care Essentials from MOON

Meet MOON, the brainchild of Shaun Neff that seeks to transform the oral care experience into something new entirely with better design and better-for-you ingredients. In addition to the brand’s website, MOON is available at Target. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

Some of their bestsellers include:

·         Teeth Whitening Pen by Kendall Jenner (pictured above) which is the ultimate on-the-go whitener. Made with their proprietary Elixir III blend of antioxidants and essential oils for an elevated, powerful whitening experience. ($19.99, moonoralcare.com)

·         NEW Whitening Anticavity Toothpaste with Fluoride which fights cavities and delivers long-lasting freshness. ($7.99, moonoralcare.com)

·         Activated Charcoal Mouth Rinse which is the ideal balance of activated charcoal and antioxidants for the best alcohol-free mouth rinse. ($8.99, moonoralcare.com)

·         Soft Bristle Toothbrush 2 Pack which is an adult toothbrush designed for simplicity, sophistication and visible results. ($6.99,moonoralcare.com)

Also available: 

Graphite Grey Clean Slide Floss a clean sliding, PFA-free waxed dental floss that cleans deep and doesn't tear. 

Stay tuned to my Instagram feed for updates on what I think about MOON - as I was graciously sent several products for review! Until next time...

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