Thursday, May 2, 2019

Weird & Wonderful Ways To Get Around

If you have ever watched the Red Bull Air Race, you have probably been seriously impressed with some of the fantastic transport people can come up with - and actually make work too. The bettings are if you loved that then you probably also loved robot wars. Creating cool ways to travel has long been something people love to do. So here is a quick look at a few of those ways -

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Flying Cars

Catch the pigeon, catch the pigeon... Back in 2011, there were a few designers who were awaiting approval for their flying cars. Chris Mallory created a hoverbike which was reported at the time to fly up to 10,000ft.


These nifty gadgets have been around for a while now. Two-wheeled wonders are great for scooting through town, in fact, some large woodland areas offer hoverboarding as a means to explore the woods. They’re a bit like a souped-up scooter, next time you have the opportunity to take a look at electric scooter rental vs. buying.

The Batmobile

Imagine how cool you would feel having a fully operational Batmobile in your garage. There are, of course, many a mob for people to add on to pretty much any model of car, but reportedly the best one is Casey Putsch’s replica. Apparently, this bad boy looks and runs like the real deal (apart from the missiles and Alfred maybe?). The kat is kitted out with an iPad and has a Boeing turbine engine under the hood too. Crazy - and amazing.


Or in this case a Tron Segway, created by Ricky Brigante. Although this mod wasn’t the most complicated thing in the book, it is pretty stunning. It consists of blue LED Christmas lights, some reflective tape, some electrical tape and a bit of imagination. Of course, this bad boy looks much cooler when the lights go down.

Bike Safe

With more people ditching the car and opting for some pedal power, the bike laser called BLAZE keeps you safe and sound while on your travels. Emily Brooke created a battery-powered laser that sits neatly on your handlebars and projects a laser straight out onto the road in front of you. Other drives can see this bright green laser - making you much harder to miss.


No, you’re not the only one who would’ve loved to have been Ironman for the last ten years. However, where once jetpacks were little more than a figment of the imagination, the first jetpack flew in New York in 2015. Since there many companies have spent a lot of time and money on perfecting this cool piece of kit. Of course, out of all of the options on here, this is probably the most expensive!

Shopping Queen

If you have literally had enough of walking around grocery stores, then it might be time for you to check out MIT’s motorized shopping cart. Perfect for when Christmas is around the corner, and you need to grab the last ham.

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