Friday, December 7, 2018

Birth Announcement Cards

Baby announcement cards a touching way to let all your family and friends know of the new addition to your family. Whether the pregnancy was kept low-key or you’ve had more than a few baby showers, it’s only right to celebrate new life after the baby has been brought into the world. With a birth announcement card, you can cherish the momentous occasion and look back on the first few weeks with the newborn with fond memories.

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Celebrate your newborn as you should

Pregnancy is not at all easy. You’ve had to deal with the ordeal of carrying around a baby for nine months – sometimes potentially longer – and that is by no means an easy feat. Immediately after the pregnancy, you’re often extremely tired from being in labour for hours upon hours, but shortly after the event, you’re enamored with your newborn child and take them back home with you. In the early stages you probably decorated the spare room and transformed it into a baby-friendly bedroom, and also bought appropriate toys and clothes for them to grow into. So when the whole process has been detail-oriented, designing and creating an announcement card is an easy and enjoyable endeavor in comparison.

And what better way to let everyone know of your family’s latest addition than to give everyone a personalized baby announcement card? Don’t worry about it being a stressful job though, as it’s the complete opposite due to the easy-going choices that you’re given. For instance, you’ll be able to edit the template design until it’s a perfect fit for you. Whether you’d like a soft design or something a little edgier, you’re the decision maker and in charge every step of the way. Another example is being able to write exactly what you want to on the card itself. Whether you’re writing an introduction for your new child written from the point of view as parents or from the child’s view saying that he or she can’t wait to meet the family, you have complete creative control. You may want to use this as an opportunity to suggest what baby gifts would come in useful. You can list your favorite ranges and stores, or product selections like holle stage 1. This is better than everyone buying you the same thing and you having lots of stuff you don’t need.
When to send your baby card
You may think this is an obvious one. Surely you send the card as soon as the baby has been born? Well, you don’t have to. Plus, this means designing the card in advance or grabbing a laptop as soon as you have given birth, neither of which is ideal. Of course, you could get someone else to take over but this is personal and you will probably want to do it yourself. Sending a birth announcement card within the first few weeks or month is fine. That way, you can include a photograph and other details. Plus, it means you get to enjoy your baby yourself for a while.

In today’s digital age, it is certainly nice to go back to tradition, and a birth announcement card is a beautiful way to do just that.

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