Wednesday, December 26, 2018

6 Resolutions To Treat Your Feet Better

It's about the time to be inundated with ads for New Year diets, health and wellness trends and exercise classes. The brains behind Baby Foot Exfoliant want to make sure that while you're thinking about your goals and aspirations for the following year, you're not neglecting your feet. We all use them everyday, so it’s vital to treat them every now and then. In addition to your regular skincare regimen, make it a goal this year to add your feet to the mix! Here are 6 fail-proof ways to put your best foot forward:

It is essential to moisturize your feet, especially during the colder months since they can easily become dry and dehydrated. Baby Foot’s Moisturizing Foot Mask ($15) immediately hydrates and replenishes the feet with rich, smoothing components including Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and 14 natural extracts.

Don’t walk around barefoot 
This may seem rather obvious, but walking around barefoot can lead to unwanted strains and even infections (yuck). Yes, even around your house! Opt for some slippers instead.

Bring your own instruments to the nail salon 
Taking your own tools to the nail salon may seem extra, but it is SO worth avoiding an infection. Keep a kit in your car, or, have your go-to nail technician keep it for you.

Moving around not only promotes a healthy body overall, but it is also good for your feet. Exercise allows your blood to circulate and keeps your feet strong and in shape.

Stay away from high heels 
This is perhaps the least ideal recommendation on this list, but you know it’s true. Walking around in high heels almost always leads to sore, achey and blistered feet. Your feet are trying to communicate with you, so give them a break!

Get rid of dead skin cells 
Your feet regenerate new skin cells constantly, meaning there is a build-up of dead ones that need to be dealt with. Use Baby Foot’s Original Foot Peel ($25) to remove unwanted dead skin from your feet. Slip the booties on for one hour while your skin absorbs its unique formula containing 16 types of natural extracts designed to exfoliate (there's even a version for men, too). You’ll start to see your feet peeling within 3 to 7 days after your treatment, leaving your feet super smooth.

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