Wednesday, July 25, 2018

4 Essentials Every Mom Needs In Her Purse

As you well know, motherhood is unpredictable. No matter how much you try and plan, something unforeseen pops up out of nowhere. All you can do is attempt to limit the damage by being prepared. Once the diaper bag is out of the way and you’ve got your purse back, it’s about filling it with essentials. Nope, not the latest Rimmel London lip gloss; although a mother does have the right to rock her style. What you need are the things which will help you get through the day without tearing out your hair.

Hopefully, these four examples will act as inspiration.

Wipes And Purell

Although you never know what is going to stain, one thing you can predict is stickiness. Kids are masters at finding things that are thick and blobby and that leave marks on everything they touch, including their body. That's why we need to be ready for every messy occasion. Having fresh baby wipes can save you a messy dress when trying to have fun outside. Keeping them close in your purse will help save a lot of trouble.--Now, chocolate stains around your son’s or daughter’s mouth are the last thing on your mind during a busy day. Still, no parent wants strangers to think they’re neglecting their kids. Thankfully, non-alcoholic wipes are easy to carry and wipe away most blemishes. Seriously, check out rd.com. A small bottle of Purell will get rid of harmful bacteria for the germ-conscious mommies.


Now, this tip flies in the face of a clean and well-presented child. But, there are two arguments here. The first is you have the cleaning products to hand. So, if the snacks escalate, which they inevitably will, then the situation should be easy to manage. The second and more important point is kids get cranky when they’re hungry. No child will listen to pleas of “can’t you wait while dinnertime?” when their stomach rumbles. Snacks appease their hunger and stop them from whining all day long. It’s incredible what a candy bar can do for morale.

Car Keys

Of course your keys are in your purse. You didn’t walk or get the bus. That would be madness! These aren’t any old car keys, though – these are ignition-turners for a brand new vehicle. Your bank balance might make a convincing argument about not having the funds, but it doesn’t understand your pain. It has never had to spend thirty-minutes strapping three kids into a car which doesn’t have space. Anyway, an Auto.Loan can make it affordable. Sometimes, it’s better to pay a little more money to ensure life goes smoothly. After all, stress is the enemy.


Society is cashless. Everywhere accepts card payments, so there isn’t a reason to draw out money, except for the fact plastic isn’t infallible. For one thing, car readers and cards themselves can take vacation days. You go to swipe it or press the contactless part against the machine and the computer says no thank you, not today. Then, you’re left with no fallback plan. Or, there is the embarrassment of the card getting declined due to a lack of funds. Carrying cash negates these problems and helps you to maintain your dignity.

What essentials do you like to carry in your purse in case of an emergency?

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