Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Pour Moi - Skincare Based on Climate!

As happy as we are to see Spring in full swing, it is important to remember how the changing temperature affects our skin. Pour Moi is the first climate-smart skincare line designed to protect and maintain skin based on the current climate you’re in. Each day cream is specifically formulated to match skin’s behaviors in the four major climates – Temperate, Desert, Tropical, and Polar - maximizing youthfulness, and glow. The line raises the bar on skincare efficacy by leveraging the properties of hanging geographical and seasonal climates. From now on, choose the skincare based on the climate you’re in!

Product provided for review/feature consideration

Polar Day Cream

Cold and Dry climates; low temperature and humidity

Environment: frost, high wind, man-made heat

Desert Day Cream

Hot and Dry climates; high temperature and low humidity

Environment: strong sunlight, wind, Air-conditioning

Temperate Day Cream

Mild temperatures and climates

Environment: mild sun, clouds and precipitation

Tropical Day Cream

Hot and humid climates; high temperature and humidity

Environment: strong sunlight, humid air, tropical storms and air-conditioning

I alternate between the Desert Day Cream (which I only need a dollop of because of my oily complexion) and the Tropical Day Cream depending on the weather of the moment day in Georgia. I think the concept of climate specific skincare is really cool and the creams have been a delight to use thus far. I can't claim any changes in my complexion due to use, but I honestly don't ask (or expect) a lot from my moisturizer - other than for me not to be dry or greasy! Until next time...

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