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Helping Your Preteen Find the Right Bra

Alas, the time has come: Your preteen is ready for her first bra. It’s a significant milestone in her life, as well as yours as a mother. Still, finding the perfect bra doesn’t come without challenges, particularly if your daughter is full figured. The key, of course, is to find a style with the adequate support to make her feel comfortable and confident.

The right bra can not only give her some self-assurance as her breasts grow but can also help to prevent any damage or injury to her breast tissue or problems with her posture. In other words, it’s not only important from an aesthetic standpoint but from a health perspective as well. So, how can you be the most helpful during the shopping process? What should you be looking for? And how will you know when you’ve found the right one?

Follow this foolproof guide for an effortless, enjoyable bra shopping experience for both you and your preteen.

Have the talk

Suddenly sprouting breasts can come with some shame for your preteen. Make sure you do whatever you can to minimize any embarrassment around the subject. Point out that every woman has to go through puberty, and some do so at different ages or rates.

It might help to relay a story from your own life at this stage, or even about your first bra. Avoid any comments about her size — the idea is to reinforce her self-acceptance, and that there is no “right” size. In fact, you might consider reminding her that women come in all different shapes and sizes.

Get fitted

First thing’s first: The fit of a bra is the most important factor. And since your preteen has never owned a bra before, it’s especially critical that she gets fitted by a professional. Ultimately, making a guess as to her size may mean she ends up with a bra that doesn’t provide sufficient support.

Fittings can be performed at many department stores as well as lingerie boutiques. Be sure to do some research on stores that carry plus size or full-figure brands if you know that’s what your preteen will need. A specialist will be able to not only measure your daughter but also educate her on different styles while making suggestions as to which will work best for her. While you’re at it, you may want to get measured yourself, particularly if it’s been six months or more since you’ve done so — in fact, a simultaneous mother/daughter fitting may ease your preteen’s nerves.
As an added bonus, once your daughter gets fitted, you’ll be able to confidently shop for bras online. This is a noteworthy advantage, as you can often find a wider selection of full-figure bras online than you can in stores.
Also, keep in mind that as your daughter continues to develop, she’ll need to get fitted consistently. In fact, while most grown women are advised to get fitted every year, it’s a good idea to bring your preteen to a fitting every six months or so.
Come prepared

When shopping for bras, it’s a good idea to bring along some of your daughter’s go-to tops or dresses. That way, you can test out different styles and see which work best with her favorite outfits. For example, if she tends to wear a lot of form-fitting knits (like tanks and tees), a T-shirt bra is an excellent option. Trying bras on underneath her favorite tops and dresses will also help you to choose colors that are the most practical for her wardrobe. Note that nude is arguably the most versatile hue, as it’s invisible under any non-sheer top, even white.

Try different styles

There is a wide range of bras to choose from for your preteen, and finding the right ones comes down to both her needs, which depend on how developed she is and her personal preferences. The goal is to present her with as many options as possible and allow her to have a say in choosing what feels best.

Soft cup bras, also known as wireless bras, are ideal for preteens with small to medium size breasts, while those with fuller busts may prefer to wear underwire bras for some added support and lift. Still, she may want a lightweight option like a bralette to lounge around the house or sleep in. A full coverage bra is a solid option for your full-figured teen as well — she may feel more secure as the cups come up farther and cover more of her breasts.

Don’t forget to consider a sports bra while you’re shopping as well. A quality sports bra will minimize breast movement while your daughter is playing sports or exercising, but will also wick sweat away from her skin, ensuring that she remains as comfortable as possible during physical activity. Moreover, a well-constructed sports bra that lends enough support will protect the ligaments in your preteen’s breasts during a vigorous workout. Remember to take into account the kind of activity your preteen is engaging in — jumping, running and other high-impact workouts call for a high-impact bra to reduce the chance of any damage to the breasts.

Consider her lifestyle

You’ll definitely want to take your preteen’s lifestyle into account when choosing bras to ensure that she can get the most wear out of them. Are you both looking for everyday bras that will work under her school uniform? Does she need sports bras to wear on the soccer field? Does she have a special occasion, like a school dance, coming up? Think about the purpose her bras should serve before shopping and you’ll make smarter investments. In all likelihood, your preteen will need more than one kind of bra to accommodate her lifestyle.

Remember, though, that your daughter is still obviously growing. That means there’s no need to splurge on a multitude of bras, as she may outgrow them in less than a year. Make sure she has a few options to rotate throughout the week. Ideally, she’ll always have a couple to choose from even when another bra is being washed.

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