Thursday, March 15, 2018

Time To Banish These Nasty Toxic Metals From the Home

A healthy lifestyle is about more than eating right and exercising. It is important to know what surrounds you in the home in order to live a truly healthy lifestyle. There are many dangerous metals that are present in your home that you would never guess, usually hidden in products or locations you would never think were unsafe. Below are a few eye-opening examples of what to remove from your home to live a healthier life. 


Your deodorant can contain aluminum, which increases the individual’s risk of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases. This means you are wearing something you think makes you smell better, and in the end you can permanently damage your health. It is smart to simply get rid of manufactured deodorants and look into alternatives to stay healthy. 

Silver Polish

Polishing the family silver may seem like an innocent hobby and a way to maintain pride in a family heirloom. However, when the silver polish contains cadmium, which it often does, it can increase the user’s chances of contracting bone and immune system disorders, as well as interfere with the body’s use of iron, zinc and calcium. Just forget about buying new silver polish. Your ancestors will understand. 

Ceramic Dishes and Evaporated Milk

Cadmium is commonly found in both of these items as well, meaning you can be exposing the family to it when you use evaporated milk in a recipe or you bring out the good ceramic dishes for a special meal. Either way, the body can fail to use various nutrients as a result of exposure to cadmium, and the health declines rapidly after prolonged exposure. 

Lead Paint

Lead can cause dementia, learning disabilities, Alzheimer ’s disease, seizures, aggression and hyperactivity, among other concerning health issues. For those who see these in their family members, it may be time to research when the house was build and the age of the paint in the home. Older homes used lead paint, and that lead can be having a very detrimental effect on the family’s health. 

Cut Back on the Fish

Mercury is found in some fish raised on fish farms. This metal can contribute to psychological or immunological issues in people. It can also cause neurological issues, headaches, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart arrhythmia and blurred vision. For those who eat a lot of fish, it is smart to find out where the fish comes from and the potential health effects of consuming high levels of mercury, which easily crosses the blood-brain barrier. 

Items made of natural materials and fibers, like organic cotton, can be useful items to add to the household inventory. These materials are healthy to surround one’s self with and also are useful in their longevity and ease for cleaning. 

Individuals who do their research and take care to make sure to cut these heavy metals from their home lives can see drastic changes in the family health and in issues that have been present for a long time. It pays to know what you are subjecting yourself and your family to on any given day. These small exposures can have long-lasting impacts on those you love. 

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