Friday, January 26, 2018

Giving Your Kids A Brilliant Party On A Budget

Parties can be expensive events. However, there are ways of making them more affordable without your kids having to miss out. Here are just a few ways to give your kids a brilliant party on a budget.

Plan ahead

Planning a party far ahead can make it less of an assault on your bank account. If you start buying presents a few months before, it could work out more affordable than it all coming out in one hit. Planning ahead also gives you time to shop around for deals. Planning ahead also has practical benefits – it will allow you to secure party venues and order gifts online that may have long delivery times.

Take advantage of sales and discounts

The likes of Black Friday and the January Sales are prime times to get discounts on gifts. This could take some planning ahead, especially if your kid’s birthday isn’t until the summer. Aside from these big national sales, you’ll find loads of sales and discounts throughout the year simply by searching online. Keep your eyes out for toy stores and companies that are closing, as well as second hand deals.

Use coupons

Coupon sites are great for finding temporary discounts on gifts. Try signing up to a few of these online and see what offers it brings you. Newspapers and magazines may also sometimes contain coupons to cut out and use in store.

Joint buy big gifts

Get other people to chip in some money such as grandparents, uncles and aunts might allow you to afford bigger gifts. It could save them buying a throwaway present – even if they only contribute ten dollars, that’s ten dollars less than you might otherwise have paid for such an item.

Buy toys that can be accessorised

Toys like doll’s houses, games consoles and playing card starter packs might be expensive as initial purchases, but such gifts can later be accessorized for cheap which may make future birthdays and Christmases that little bit less expensive. Of course, you don’t want to buy something too expensive that’s only going to be a passing fad – make sure that they’ve got a keen interest first.

Throw joint parties

A great way to save money on parties is to make them a shared event. If your child has a friend, you might be able to organize a joint party in which the costs of entertainment and food are split. It might even allow you to put on something more extravagant.

Consider borrowing money

Taking out a loan might allow you to afford a better gift or a better party venue. You can get an online cash advance quickly. Just be careful of interest rates as you don’t want be paying too much in the long run, making it harder to budget for future parties.
Use your network

You may be able to save money by getting help from people who you know. A friend that bakes cakes may be able to get you a discounted or free cake. You may also know someone with a big garden for throwing a garden party.  

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