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Classy Kitchens - 5 Ways to Beautify Your Cooking Space

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As the heart of the home, your kitchen is more than just appliances, cabinets, and cooking paraphernalia. It’s a place where both great meals and special family moments are made. The kitchen is a warm, comfortable place with lots of design potential. Give your kitchen the attention it needs using the five ways to beautify your cooking space below.

Hang Your Pots and Pans
Whether you cook a lot or not at all, hanging beautiful cookware sets strategically in your kitchen makes a stunning display.
There are numeours ways to hang cookware in your kitchen. If your kitchen has an island or peninsula, you can install a pot rack from the ceiling above it (high enough so the pots and pans clear everyone’s heads), and then hang all your cookware from it.
Alternately, you can install a pot rack on a wall in your kitchen where pots and pans hang flat against the wall. This option is more versatile, as you can tailor the display to suit the space you have.
Decorate Your Countertops
Anyone who has built or renovated their kitchen has probably spent a great deal of time and money choosing just the right countertops for your kitchen. However, it’s not enough if you want to really make your cooking space pop. Take some time to decorate your kitchen countertops using these simple ideas.

  • Display a few of the prettiest water bottles you can find in a grouping against the wall in the corner 
  • Add potted plants and flowers 
  • Choose unique vessels to display cooking utensils 
  • Cake plates and trays are great ways to display similar items, fruit, and more 
  • Water pitchers make great vases for fresh cut flowers 
  • Spend a little extra on decorative dish towels to hang from handles and knobs

Make an Interesting Backsplash
Most kitchens have them, but they usually aren’t particularly interesting. Backsplashes serve a purpose, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring, according to HGTV. Tiles make a great backsplash, and with literally hundreds of designs to choose from, the backsplash in your cooking space should never be boring again.
Use Colors and Patterns
A popular trend in kitchen design involves the use of monochrome tones to create a clean, almost sterile, feel. These designs look great, but to really make a statement, try adding just a small bit of color or pattern here and there. For example, an all-white cooking space (white walls, white cabinets, etc.) looks stunning with a darkly patterned tile backsplash. Don’t be afraid to break up the neutral with something that draws the eye.
Go Wild with the Hardware
You can spruce up your cooking space quickly and easily by switching out its existing door knobs and drawer handles with new, exciting ones. Consider the hardware as your kitchen’s jewelry, and think outside the box.
Create a Focal Point
This is one of the easiest ways to beautify your cooking space. Create a focal point in the room by painting just one wall a complementary, but contrasting, color to the rest. Ideally, the wall will contain a doorway, window, or some other dominant feature to help break up the pop of color, but if not, just simply hang some great artwork on the wall to achieve the same effect.

Whether or not you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the busiest room in the house has a lot of design potential. From changing simple things like its hardware to painting a focal point wall, you can beautify your cooking space quickly and easily to create a place in which you and your family love to spend time.

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