Monday, December 4, 2017

Reducing Tech Clutter Around the House

In this age, you will find yourself with different tech for different occasions. You’ve got your smartphone for day-to-day communication, your tablet for winding down after work, or a laptop for watching Netflix.

But all these devices can lead to a bit of a mess. Cables upon cables that get in the way, or even get tangled in themselves.

Looking at you, headphones! (Source)

This causes clutter. You’ll find yourself unable to identify which is the correct cable, or feel like you have lost essential devices. But there are solutions, and here are three ways of reducing the tech clutter at home.

Multi-device cables

Despite this Android / Apple debate, there are some who choose to look past the rivalry and operate with both devices. According to this Reddit thread, there are people with their reasons for using each. And, while some may not see a difference between Apple and Android systems, there is one crucial difference that separates the two devices: charging ports.

The majority of devices share the Android charging port. However, Apple devices have their specialized port. For consumers with both Android and Apple products, this can cause unnecessary clutter and requires two different cables within reach whenever using your devices. The solution? Something like this USB cable, which includes both Android and Apple micro-USBs all in one.

Old tech

It can be hard to let go of your old belongings. This is true with everything from old clothes to old tech. Your first mobile phone, your smartphone that you’ve still got that high score on Solitaire or Snake. You’re just not ready to say goodbye, yet.

But, there comes a time where you have to be realistic. Are you going to pull that phone out and play it again? Unlikely. But what is sure, is that the device is just taking up space in a drawer.

There are ways to solve this. Many companies offer recycling programs where you can recycle old technology into newer tech. Alternatively, old phones with a good enough battery but no SIM card can double as MP3 and media players.

Tidy office, tidy mind

With reports that almost 45% of people spent time working from home in the last year, it is important to consider the effects that a cluttered ‘home office’ can have on the professional mind.

While it seems simple to set up shop on your sofa, this can have detrimental effects on productivity. Without a dedicated working area, you can find yourself surrounded by distractions like bills, remote controls, or pets.

To achieve the perfect working environment, your office accessories must be in a neat and organized. This can range from ensuring necessary cables are close at hand, to organizing papers in a logical manner. It sounds like a big task, but the benefits will come with increased productivity, and a less cluttered mind.

Clutter can creep up on us without realizing, save yourself the stress, and do as much as you can before it gets too much.

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