Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Prepare for Flu Season with Mucinex!

There’s no better time for you to stock your household with Mucinex, the #1 Doctor Recommended brand and the #1 OTC brand in America, especially the Mucinex 12-Hour DM expectorant and cough suppressant line in preparation for flu season. Along with tissues, hand sanitizer, herbal teas and a working thermometer, your Cold & Flu Season readiness demands the bi-layer, 12-hour (not just 4-hour!) formulations of Mucinex products that combine both immediate and extended release properties. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

And for those with a multitude of symptoms beyond cough and chest congestion, the Fast-Max line treats 9 symptoms with a single dose: sore throat, headache, fever and more.

I live in Georgia, which has recently been listed by the Centers for Disease Control as an area showing “Local Activity” for influenza…so I will definitely be keeping our medicine cabinets with these new products from Mucinex that help alleviate the symptoms, especially stubborn chest congestion and a nagging cough.

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