Saturday, October 28, 2017

Be in Vogue Mom-to-be!

Are you a struggling Mom to-be fashionista? Truly speaking, whether being a fashionista or not, moms are always in vogue. They exude a phenomenal aura, individualistic personality with supreme energy.
Being a mom is one of the toughest jobs in the world; however, it is also a personally gratifying job. Having said that, I would like to unfold the layers of a mom. Primarily she is a woman and women’s needs are varied and so complicated it is hard to understand what they want at what point of time. But the basic needs remain the same. They like to adorn, beautify and pamper themselves.
Hey! Beautiful; Congratulations on your pregnancy!
There are multiple different styles you can check out to feel stylish. In this article, I have mentioned a few tips and tricks for moms-to-be.

Tip#1: Be Comfortable
Comfortable clothes are your best friends in these months. Tip to feel super comfortable is to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable. However, the twist is accessorizing it to make it stand out.
Accessorizing plays a huge role in glamorizing any outfit. For example, a plain tee with a pair of denim with a warm cardigan and a huge scarf for a stroll, or for a casual dinner date will look stylish, don’t forget to add those knee-length boots in winters.
Or if you are residing in a hot climatic country then try a BoHo white short, midi or a long length dress or maxi with a huge neckpiece. Get ready to receive compliments dear!
Comfortable fabrics for Summer & Spring seasons for moms-to-be: Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Cambridge, Jersey and soft Pakistani lawn, Chambray and Seersucker
Comfortable fabrics for winters & autumns seasons for moms-to-be: Go for layers of cotton, rayon or Jersey wear it along with your heavy winter coats. Avoid Fur or faux fur can cause nausea, itching or allergy.

Tip#2: Get Glamourous

Fuller bodies are attractive and during the time of pregnancy skin usually, glows. Make the most of the natural glow and avoid make-up if you can. If necessary, go for unscented cruelty-free cosmetics and avoid eye make-up; it can tear you up easily.
Hairstyles: Go for beach waves, they mostly hide face fat and this hairstyle suits any face cut.
Accessories: Go for long neck pieces, big sunglasses and hats. Select easy to carry bags such as sling bags or tote.
Shoes: Flats, Gladiators, Flat pumps, Flat sandals. They provide enough air to keep your swelled feet breezy, sweat-free and comfortable.
Handbag Essentials: A red Lipstick, A nude lipstick shade, A pair of sunglasses, a pack of mint, your favorite soap or any smell that keeps your nausea at ease.  A packet of nuts, biscuits or dried fruits, your medicines, water bottle and tissues. These are a few important things you’ll throughout your pregnancy.

Tip#3: Recycle or DIY things

If you want to look great but cannot afford a new pair of jeans or a tee shirt, then dig deep into your partner's wardrobe. Their T-shirts are super comfy, and even their loose jeans can make you look cute. Yay! They do fit around the bump easily (Wink! Wink!).
You can also take up a few DIY sewing projects during pregnancy. Like mixing and matching clothes or making a kimono out of a scarf or a beach attire from a worn-out tee. You can also create that long maternity pillow at home. For more such ideas you can always hit Pinterest. They have easy peasy tutorials for everybody.

Recommended Sewing machines for moms

Every mom-to-be wants to sew clothes for their baby and dress them in their stylish best. However, having sewing machine can be rewarding in the coming years. As, when kids grow up, so does their appetite for costumes grow. Regular functions at school demand incredibly pricey costumes. As for now, you can sew all the necessary items for the nursery.
Singer and Brothers both of these companies are best for beginners. Their machines are easy and hassle-free to use. Even if you are amateur, you will learn quite easily. However, in my opinion, Singer quantum stylist 9960 is an amazing choice for beginners and moms-to-be.  It comes with the 600 stitches, a drop-in bobbin and it’s powerful and smooth sewing machine.

You can sew layered fabrics, quilts, soft toys and many more things on it easily. It grooms the fabric easily and works quite efficiently on such DIY projects.

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