Friday, October 13, 2017

3 Secret Things You Didn't Know about How To Use CBD Oil in Food

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CBD oil is most often extracted from the hemp plant rather than marijuana. CBD is not psychoactive, but it does have other benefits to health and mental balance. Any cannabis extract can be used in foods to provide a medicinal benefit. Since CBD is legal in all 50 states, it seems most practical to use CBD oil in foods rather than THC marijuana.

Using CBD Oil
You will find numerous different ways to use high CBD oil such as CBD derived from hemp. A finer extract can be vaporized or you can also take the oil as is or in capsules, or some prefer cbd gummies and edibles as a tastier solution,  whichever you prefer. Perhaps the most discrete and tasty way to use this oil is to put the oil in certain food recipes. This makes it easier and tastier to consume. You will also be able to carry it around more easily when cooked into dessert treats.
For the deepest health benefits, it is best to consume CBD oil orally. You can also vaporize it. This provides only minimal doses and works well as a quick relief for pain and anxiety. The other numerous health benefits of this oil are mostly effective with higher doses. Try these different food ideas and add a certain amount of CBD oil to them for a delightful way to consume the oil:
  1. Guacamole: Here you have the classic recipes of using avocados to make different styles of the Mexican classic guacamole. While each recipe has its own special taste, you can add 1-3 ml of high CBD oil to a batch of guacamole and get maximum CBD benefits. The oil is fat-soluble, so the fats in the avocados increase absorption.
  2. The Importance of Fats:What is CBD? It is a compound from hemp or cannabis that dissolves best in fat. This is why you will find it in the form of concentrated oil. Sometimes this oil is so concentrated, it is best to avoid adding it at the end of the cooking process. No matter what, be sure to dilute the CBD oil with butter or coconut oil or nut butters for an even taste and smoother cooking.
  3. The Bountiful World of Cookies: Cookies are no secret at all, but they are the ideal way to hide CBD oil in food. The secret part is that you can do this with any type of cookie. Just remember to dilute the oil with fats as mentioned above. By far, CBD cookies produce a well- rounded effect with much better absorption that taking the oil alone.

Truthfully, you can use CBD oil in just about any recipe. Regardless of which you use, you first want it to taste good. Some foods do not go well with CBD oil in terms of taste. You want to use higher fat foods with rich flavor to improve absorption and solubility while making the food or cookies so tasty that they’re hard to resist. Learn more about the various health benefits of CBD oil and how different doses are used for different conditions.

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