Friday, July 7, 2017

Enjoy Guilt Free BBQs All Summer Long

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BBQ season is in full swing, and great food is at the heart of the family fun. However, the enjoyment can be put in jeopardy when you are trying to eat healthily. After all, those sauces, breads, and fatty cuts of meat could destroy a week’s good work in one afternoon. Moreover, you have guests to consider too.

But it’s still possible to enjoy an array of great BBQ foods without breaking the bank or your healthy habits. First and foremost, you need to get planning in advance. The Brooke Griffin cookbook is a fantastic resource for recipes suited to all occasions. Even if it means tweaking them for your summer needs, knowing exactly what is actually going into your food is always the best option.

Cooking from scratch will always put you in far greater control of what is going actually being used in those recipes. Reducing the volume of additives alone should take a huge amount of guilt off of your shoulders. However, the healthy aspects are only half of the battle. The other half should focus on taste.

Let’s face it; premium meats are tastier and healthier. However, the best way to juggle the two items is to make a trade. The white meats like chicken are fine, but trading sausages for crab meat will bring huge benefits. Not only will it delight the taste buds, but it instantly makes your event stand out from the average BBQ. After all, you’ll enjoy a far greater sense of versatility.

The saving grace of a BBQ is that you can help yourselves. So, even if you do provide guests with some naughty treats, you can avoid them. You’ll only avoid those temptations when the alternatives are equally pleasing, though. A selection of salads will work wonders to help fill you up without any of the guilt. Furthermore, those options are great for vegetarians or guests with certain food intolerances.

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As far as the food is concerned, sauces are probably the worst culprit of hidden carbs and calories. Salsas and vinegar dressings are far healthier options than the cream loaded alternatives. In truth, they’re probably far better suited for the BBQ season too. Meanwhile, guacamole uses a superfood in avocado. As long as you keep it simple, this can be a winning solution too.

Food isn’t the only thing you’ll consume. Beverages are an important part of the BBQ. On a hot day, regular hydration is key, which is why lots of water is key. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional alcoholic drink, but getting drunk won’t only ruin your diet today. The inevitable hangover will lead to bad decisions tomorrow too. These mocktails are an ideal solution. Better still, they can be enjoyed by the younger guests too.

BBQs aren’t just about food; they’re also about spending time with loved ones. But finding the right balance so that everyone can enjoy the food, including those that don’t want the guilt will ensure that you’re the host with the most. Make this the focus, and the other factors will fall into place.

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