Thursday, June 15, 2017

What Does Your Romantic Vintage Inspired Clothing Say About You?

Clothing often is a reflection of the individual wearing it. Are you a fan of romantic vintage inspired clothing? Although people are often unaware clothing style says a lot about personality. What do the details in your romantic vintage inspired clothing say about you?

Even though people do not often consider the message the length of a dress sends, length is an indicator of personality. If you have purchased a romantic vintage inspired dress that touches your ankles you are likely very modest and conservative.

This is also the case with neckline. Individuals who tend to cover the neckline are often more modesty; these people tend to cover as much skin as possible. In contrast, individuals who purchase a neckline that reveals more skin may be bolder or may be more open with their sexuality. A plunging neckline may also be a indicator of youth. Nonetheless, an individual’s preferred neckline is largely indicative of her personality.

Color palette also reveals information about the person wearing the outfit. Individuals who prefer the common color scheme of light hues typically tend to be more subdue and gentle. Whereas, individuals who wear brighter colored vintage inspired clothing tend to be more assertive preferring the attention of many.

Design is also a factor of vintage inspired clothing that informs others about the personality of the wearer. The preference for design accent is similar to that of color palette. People who prefer a big and bold color palette tend to be bolder, louder, and more assertive. Whereas, individuals donning a more subtle print tend to be gentle, calm, and quiet.

Lastly, accent accessories included on an outfit indicate personality. Individuals who are more feminine and delicate likely prefer pearls and lace. Bows are also an indicator of femininity. However, the size and color of a bow reveals information about a person as well. For example, bolder people tend to prefer large bows that are brightly colored; whereas, people who are more reserved tend to prefer smaller bows that are light in color.

Although details on a romantic vintage inspired dress often are indicators of personality this is not always the case. Sometimes clothing is not an exact indicator of personality. Often individuals who prefer romantic vintage inspired clothing have one commonality - they share a passion and romanticism for life that is expressed in their clothing selection.

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