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Picture Perfect Makeup Guide For Selfies

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We all want to look stunning and beautiful after we get ready. That’s true whether we’re heading out clubbing on a Friday night, preparing for an interview or even just heading out window shopping with some of our best friends. Looking fantastic and feeling great about our style is important. Of course, these days you might not be going anywhere at all. It’s fair to say that society has become a little selfie obsessed as of late. We share our pictures everywhere from Snapchat where there’s a quick shot to Instagram where days of beauty past our saved forever. You might even be taking a few selfies for your dating profile online.

So, you definitely want to make sure that you look absolutely stunning. But looking good in real life and looking amazing in pictures are two very different things. In fact, you can appear quite different in pictures, and an example is symmetry.

People are naturally attracted to symmetrical faces. But stare at a shot of your face long enough and you’ll probably notice something. Shockingly, your face isn’t quite symmetrical. Perhaps an eye is slightly larger than the other, or your smile could be a tad crooked. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. Hardly anyone’s face is completely symmetrical. Why then do some people look so fantastic in selfies? Well, it’s quite simple. They know the secrets of taking a good picture, and this is mainly about using makeup the right way. So, without further ado let’s look at some makeup tips first and then we’ll give a few pointers about taking the perfect selfie too!

Getting The Symmetry

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Okay, so it’s a tad shocking that your face isn’t completely symmetrical. Don’t worry though because you can change it with a few little makeup tips. Let’s focus on those lips first. When you are painting your lips make sure that you use a lip brush. That way, you can push any color that you’re using totally into the mouth covering all the little creases. You’d be surprised by how clearly a missed spot shows up in a selfie, even taken on a regular phone.

Here’s an extra tip if you’re worried that your lips are too thin. Draw outside the lines. When you draw around your lips to ensure they look distinguished, don’t match the lines of your lip. By drawing outside, you can then color them in, and suddenly you have big luscious lips. That’s a lot safer than using the glass trick trust me!

Shine, Sparkle, And Shine

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If you get your makeup right, you can make yourself look absolutely radiant. One way to do this is to use glittering contouring kits. That way, when you turn your head your cheeks will quite literally sparkle in videos, no Snapchat effect needed. But you can also think about using other products to make your face shine. Something like Ben Nye banana powder is perfect if you want to make sure your face looks absolutely radiant. The best part is that the silky smooth texture can make the effect seem completely natural.

Don’t forget that when you take a photo that glistening, bright beauty is going to appear and it will make your face look totally spectacular.

Eye Popping, Jaw Dropping

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Everyone knows that the secret to a great selfie is ensuring that your eyes look absolutely incredible. They need to pop perfectly and shine brighter than the sun. But how do you do this? Before you even think about changing the look around the eyes, consider filling in those eyebrows. Thicker eyebrows can really make your eyes stand out, and it’s so easy to do. You just need to fill them in using a pencil. That way, you can create natural looking hairlines as you fill them in. Clever huh?

Okay, now about those eyes. The easiest way to make them pop is to to use white eyeliner. You’ll be amazed by the effect this will have. What about eyeshadow? People often make the mistake of choosing a shadow shade that is completely different from their natural complexion. Instead, you want to choose an eyeshadow that’s only a few shades darker. This will bring out your eyes and ensure they shine in photos.

If you want to take things one step further, you can apply fake eyelashes too. It’s just one more way that you can ensure those eyes pop beautifully.

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And finally to finish up, let’s look at a few selfie techniques. Getting the perfect angle is pretty essential and using a selfie stick is the best way to do it, taking the photo slightly above your eye line. Make sure you have the right facial look too and that you master that fierce squint. I hope you have fun using these makeup tips to take tremendous selfies and look stunning. 

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