Monday, June 12, 2017

Cool Purple Nail Designs (Guest Post)

If you need a summer mani inspiration, these chic and trendy purple nail designs are definitely worth your attention. Fresh, bright, up-to-date, and “tasty” – isn’t it an ideal combo? Besides, this gorgeous color is extremely versatile so that it suits every nail shape, length, every woman, and every occasion. The purple palette offers lots of shades from lilac to plum that means you’re guaranteed to find your bestie.

Purple is one of the most mysterious and ambiguous colors. It represents a mixture of two strong and simultaneously opposite in their meaning colors: red (fire, ground, passion) and blue (water, sky, intelligence). Purple is said to symbolize ambitiousness, freedom, compassion, and sensitivity; psychologists also claim this color is perfect for creative people due to its natural inconsistency.

Wanna experiment with this royal purple? Look through the freshest nail designs right below:

Fantastic Bright Nails for Summer
Wow! These cuties are definitely on point. Stiletto nails are the best base for light purple design, combined with a chrome powder on the one side, and with a shimmer ombre on the other. The only thing you should take care of is to choose the confetti glitter, matching the basic nails shades.

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Lavender Glow French Design

These magic nails will never be boring! The rhinestones placed near the cuticles allow for your shining in daylight, while the glow-in-the-dark-polish makes you stand out at night.

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Purple & White Lace Nails

Pretty lace wrapping is a good way to adjust your favorite dark violet for the sparkling summer days. Besides, such accessories are incredibly elegant and girlish.

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Blackberry Mousse on Ballerina Nails

Ballerina nail shape has kept its top position for a very long time now, so why don’t you add something new to upgrade it? Play with textures and colors: shimmering blackberry mousse with rainbow tingle is a good choice.

Cool Purple and Gold Nails

If you’re a dark-shades-lover, no matter what, deep plum color is what you need. But don’t be so conservative! Rose-gold glitter on one nail never hurt somebody.

Image Source

Long Nail Design in Soft Lilac

These soft lilac ballerinas are meant to break the hearts. But on the other hand, their design is rather classic, without any twists and accessories, that makes them absolutely multi-purpose nails.

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Incredible Iris & White Matte Nails
Here is an idea for girls that are used to turn lots of heads. This fantastic design with geometrical patterns, outstanding jewelry and rhinestones will become an ideal addition to your glamorous fashion outfit.

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Birthday Purple Gradient
Purple’s gonna work well with white as a gradient, and this is the base of our next nail resolution. You’re free to place any type of print you can think of to look good on your nails: stamping plates, nail stickers, handwritten patterns – all fits.

Image Source

Summer Nails Ombre Bomb

Summer is fun, color combinations are fun, a gradient is also fun – they’re just made for each other, aren’t they?

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Draw inspiration from our cool purple nail ideas, mix them if you want, create your own unique nail style and enjoy!

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