Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Celebrity Hairstylists Swear By THESE Drugstore Products...

Summer is almost here, and while that means trips to the beach, summer vacations and a whole lotta Rosé, that ALSO means frizzy, unmanageable hair – ick! Used and loved by celebrity hair stylists, including Enzo Angileri, Bridget Brager, Peter Butler and Ahn Co Tran, these two drugstore products will help to keep hair soft, manageable, frizz free and healthy all summer long. The Infusium Repair + Renew Leave-in Treatment Spray and Repair + Renew Smoothing Serum (which have saved Kate Bosworth, Sarah Paulson and Claire Danes on the red carpet from frizzy hair disasters) are chock full of Argan Oil and Keratin to help build strength and elasticity, while taming frizz and promoting hair manageability. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

The Infusium Repair + Renew Smoothing Serum keeps hair in place, smooth, shiny and frizz-free. Not only is it perfect for a formal look, but it’s great to tame that frizz when the humidity breaks out this summer. It is a dual-functioning serum that protects wet hair from styling friction and breakage; and amplifies shine and smoothness when used on dry hair. Additionally, Infusium’s Repair + Renew Leave-in Treatment is a cult favorite product from the brand and is your ultimate beach bag essential for this summer. This formula coats hair with lightweight conditioners to help mend split ends, tame flyaways, enhance shine and improve hair manageability through the day and night. So when you’re thinking you’re bound to have knotty windblown, sea-salty hair this summer, you can think again – because this treatment can tame even the most tangled and damaged locks!

NEW Infusium Repair + Renew Collection (Walmart, Target & Walgreens $6.97-8.49): Repairs two years of damage in just one use[1], infused with Argan Oil and Keratin to help build strength and elasticity, and promote smoothness. Featuring a new indulgent signature fragrance that has sparkling top notes of citrus, green apple and dewy freesia blend with sheer and mild white jasmine, rose and violet as creamy sandalwood and soft musk for a smooth finish. Available in Shampoo & Conditioner, Leave-in Treatment, Smoothing Serum, Leave-in Crème.

NEW Infusium Moisturize + Replenish Collection (Walmart, Target & Walgreens $6.97-8.49): 10x more moisturized hair[2], infused with Avocado & Olive Oils, help hydrate and quench dry, dull strands. Featuring our classic fragrance that has sparkling top notes of ruby red grapefruit, pear nectar and crisp apple balance rich and velvety freesia, muguet and magnolia blossoms, as a warm coconut and sandalwood for a smooth finish. Available in Shampoo & Conditioner, Leave-in Treatment, Smoothing Serum.

I LOVE the both Leave-In Treatment sprays - I drop them in my bag when we're headed to the pool and make sure to keep my hair coated in it to protect it from the sun and chlorine. My hair always feels so silky and my curls have never looked better!

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