Monday, January 16, 2017

From Slight to Might

In Hollis Liebman’s new book, From Slight to Might, Liebman, who has trained Hugh Jackman, Chris Jericho, and other celebrities, details how to build a strong physique, how to establish a positive attitude toward exercise, and how to maintain proper health habits. {Book provided for review/feature consideration}

We all want to be in better shape. We all want to feel confident. We all want to avoid feeling intimidated. Now, there is a book that will help you look, feel, and think your best.

From fitness guru Hollis Lance Liebman comes a book that not only shows you the right way to begin your workouts, but how to train for the future in both the gym and at home. Shown through Liebman’s three phases of progressive change, you’ll be able to see noticeable improvements to you physique in just a few months.

Many people waste hours in the gym doing exercises incorrectly or using too much weight. Then you have those who sweat the fat off and then go home to an unhealthy meal. Liebman touches on this and more by not only showing you the proper form for each exercise, but how to also improve your diet and personal mindset (along with your body).

With full-color photographs and step-by-step instructions, From Slight to Might will help you add the bulk you’ve been seeking and continue to gain personal confidence in your body. Your mood will improve, your clothes will fit better, and you’ll feel like a better person by getting in shape, bulking up, and learning the right way to live that you’ve always been yearning for.

About the Author:

Hollis Lance Liebman has been a fitness magazine editor, national bodybuilding champion, published physique photographer, personal trainer, and has served as a bodybuilding and fitness competition judge. He has worked with some of Hollywood’s elite, including Hugh Jackman and Jane Lynch, as well as wrestler and New York Times bestselling author Chris Jericho.

Building Muscle for the Hardgainer

By Hollis Lance Liebman
Skyhorse Publishing paperback, also available as an ebook
ISBN: 978-1-5107-0895-2
160 pages, color photographs throughout

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