Saturday, December 3, 2016

How to Prepare for Attending Holiday Office Parties

As we roll into December, the party season is on many people’s minds. There are many gatherings that will take place from now through New Year’s Eve. While most people feel confident enough to pull off a party with their loved ones, they may need a bit more preparation when it comes to the professional and work-related parties that they will be invited to. Flashbacks to Elaine from “Seinfeld” dancing crazy at the company holiday party leave many people feeling just a tad vulnerable about mixing a party with their professional life. The good news is that everyone can successfully navigate the party season with some planning ahead. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

“The key to making a great impression at the company party is to be prepared,” explains expert traveler Tina Aldatz, chief executive officer of travel wellness company Savvy Travelers. “If you have done some pre-planning and have a few tricks up your sleeve you will not only survive it, but you will thrive and leave a great impression.”
Here are tips for preparing for attending parties this holiday season:

  • Choose the right clothing. If it’s a work-related party, you still want to go in looking like a professional, so that your image is not tainted. Opt for a more conservative look over one that will get people talking.
  • Get in the mindset to mingle with those beyond who you spend your work day with. Seek out those in higher positions and make a point to introduce yourself if you haven’t met them before, or to take a moment to chat with them. This is a chance to put your name on their radar, so don’t spend it as you would in a corner cubicle in the office.
  • Have a couple of conversation starters in mind, so you are not at a loss for words when starting a conversation or replying to someone. Have a couple of things to talk about, such as what you have worked on over the year, or what they are looking forward to in the new year.
  • Know your limits when it comes to drinking alcohol. Too many people pass those limits at corporate parties and end up embarrassing themselves. Avoid doing that, and always plan to have a safe ride home.
  • To help you look your best, be prepared by having something like a Speak Eazy wipe in your purse. Individually wrapped, they can quickly be used to clean off teeth that have been marked with lipstick, red wine or coffee, helping you to give a good impression, rather than leaving people to focus on residue on your teeth.

“Everyone loves a beautiful smile, and having one leaves a great impression at every holiday party,” says Margarita Floris, co-founder and president of Savvy Travelers. “I’m a fan of having the Speak Eazy wipes handy, because they are easy to use, quickly clean your teeth off, and will leave your mouth with a fresh feeling.”

The Speak Eazy luxe sheets come in a package with six individually wrapped. They offer a sweet, refreshing, cool mint flavor that can quickly remove things off the teeth such as coffee, red wine residue, and more. The luxe sheets are biodegradable and compostable, EPA Green Partner approved, and made in California, using clean, renewable solar energy.

Speak Eazy wipes join a product line of designer wipes by Savvy Travelers that include Bottomz Up, which are booty bidet wipes, Lift Offz for removing nail polish, Klean Upz moisturizing hand and body wipes, Klean Offz sanitizing surface wipes, Take Offz facial wipes, No Sweat antiperspirant wipes, In the Klear lens and screen cleaner wipes, and the Speak Eazy dentist-approved mouth and teeth wipes.

The designer wipes make great gifts, including for those seeking unique stocking stuffers, for people who travel, fitness buffs, moms on the go, and teachers. They are each individually wrapped, making it easy to carry them in a purse or bag, and to keep some in a desk drawer, car, or gym and yoga bag. Those looking for an ongoing gift may want to consider enrolling their special lady friend into the Savvy Travelers subscription service, called “Wipeaholics.” This will keep a monthly supply of 30 must-have wipes being delivered each month to their mailbox.

Savvy Travelers offers a no-rinse line of products that help to keep travelers healthy and lends a convenient collection of problem solvers for beauty and wellness needs. Savvy Travelers designer beauty wipes are curated for the "on-the-go” sophisticated savvy travelista! No water? No problem! The company offers a line of pre-packaged individual cosmetic wipes that are a savior in flight, in your car and out and about when you still want to feel clean and refreshed. For more information, visit the site at: www.savvytravelers.com/wipes.

About Savvy Travelers (www.savvytravelers.com/wipes):

The Savvy Travelers collection of designer beauty wipes, are curated for the sophisticated on-the-go travelista. Savvy Travelers keep ladies fresh and fabulous from head to toe, one swipe at a time, offering products in convenient kits and single-use packets that are disposable, eco-friendly and made in California! No Water? No Problem! Follow @Savvy_Travelers on social media and like us on Facebook.

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