Sunday, November 13, 2016

3 November Middle-Grade Reads from Sky Pony Press!

This November, Sky Pony Press is so excited to be publishing three amazing new middle grade novels! {Books provided for review/feature consideration}

SNAKES AND STONES by Lisa Fowler (ON SALE NOW, ages 8–12, historical fiction): Twelve-year-old Chestnut Hill’s daddy stole her and the triplets away from their mama. At least, that’s how Chestnut remembers it. But now it’s 1921, and after nearly two years on the road with his traveling elixir show, Daddy’s still making no move to go back to Kentucky and Mama. Eventually, Chestnut is forced to come up with her own plan, and she discovers that things are not always as they seem. Written with a wonderful mountain hillbilly voice, Snakes and Stones has a mystery at its heart and lovable, strong, and complicated characters.

EARNING MY SPOTS by Mark Eastburn (ON SALE NOW, ages 8–12, supernatural): Sam and his family are the only were-hyenas in their town, and they do their best to keep up their cover in front of the humans while the other more aggressive shifters mock the were-hyena family for being weak and passive. But after Sam is separated from his family, he begins to understand how different the world of shifters is that exists outside of his small hometown and realizes that he’s the only one who can stop a war that’s on the brink of erupting. Fans of the Spirit Animals and Warriors series will enjoy accompanying Sam on his quest as he discovers that his destiny and inner strength are greater than he thought.

SPIES IN DISGUISE: BOY IN A TUTU by Kate Scott (11/22/16, ages 7–10, adventure and espionage): Joe thought he had the hang of this undercover thing. Sure, he has to dress up as a girl and change his name to “Josie” to keep his family safe, his new friend Sam knows his secret so he at least has someone to talk to… And it’s finally time for Joe and Sam to learn how to be proper spies—gadgets and all! But their first mission isn’t exactly what either of them had in mind. They have to go undercover . . . as ballerinas! This is a great and fun series for kids who enjoy The Avengers and other spy-centric movies and TV shows.

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