Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tomo Explores the World: Brand New Picture Book Series! {Wunderkind Reads}

This October, Macmillan Children's Publishing Group is launching a brand new picture book series, TOMO EXPLORES THE WORLD{Book provided for review/feature consideration}

Perfect for budding innovators who like to think outside the box, TOMO EXPLORES THE WORLD  {out 10/25} is a fun and inspiring story that emphasizes creativity and imagination to achieve your goals.

What Makes Tomo Special?
· The story emphasizes creation and innovation to achieve your goals. Tomo uses his hands-on building and engineering skills to go on each adventure.

· Tomo was inspired by the indigenous cultures of the Pacific Northwest, as Trevor was born and raised in British Columbia before moving to China.

· This is the first of three planned adventures, along with two upcoming board books!

· Gorgeous, vibrant art!

This book is bright, beautiful, and fun - we love reading it on the weekends and afterschool. It lends itself to great conversations about traveling and exploring other cultures. Until next time...

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